Evening vocab.

I’m tired.  I’ve just spent the past, oh, I dunno, five hours working on my mother’s computer.  My diagnosis?  Buy new, and pay for XP ’cause Vista can suck my cock.

Mom played the Vocabulary Game with me, and I’m about 200 for 245, which isn’t bad, but needs improvement.

Like I’d get those down before starting more.  Ha!

1. dupe — someone easily fooled. I thought dupe meant to fool, so I guess that works out.  Maybe this is just the noun form of the word.

2. placate — to soothe; to bring from a hostile state to a calm one. I’ve certainly done my share of fucking placating.

3. fledgling — inexperienced. Aw, look at the little fledgling.  So new, so…inexperienced, so innocent.  I miss being a fledgling.

4. sonorous — resonant. Well, I knew it was related to sound.  Shouldn’t that be enough?  Okay, fine.  Sonoronoronoronoronorous.  Heh.

5. grandiloquent — pompous; bombastic. So Mr. Pompous/Bombastic/Shaggy has a fourth name?  Oh, how chic sounding.

6. impede — to hinder; block. I like when I already know the words. Yep, I do.

7. salubrious — healthful. Salud! (To your health!)

8. vacillate — to waver; to fluctuate. So, vacillate and oscillate are synonyms?  Rock. On.

9. didactic — pertaining to teaching. I was always a fan of my teachers’  … didactics.  Yeah, I’ll pretend that’s (a) a word, and (b) what I meant.

10. salacious — having strong sexual desires. Well, didn’t that word come at an opportune time.  Im’a just call Sally a whore and leave it simple as that.

11. divulge — to tell/make known, especially on something secretive or private. Thanks for divulging the questions on the exam. Oh, how I wish someone would!

12. frugal — economical. Yet another word for cheap.  Time to make a synonyms card! (I would, but I’m too frugal to buy more cards!)

13. acrid — bitter; harsh. Wasn’t this the name of a character somewhere? Oh, right, that was Hagrid.  Yeah, sorry.  Well, he’s pretty acrid to me (I know, and me alone).

14. solicitous — worried; concerned. Maybe if those solicitors acted worried or concerned we’d let them in the door.

15. upbraid — to reproach as deserving blame. They used to call me Rapunzel.  I would braid my long hair.  Everything is my fault.  There is a connection there; I swear.

CHKDSK (stage 5 of 5) is now 42% completed.  /killself.

I wrote the following in my journal today, while waiting at the ENT’s office: Had a dream Chris and I got back together through exposure.  In every dream I have about him, he as a romantic side, which is frustrating because that’s not him.  So why won’t my brain recognize that for what it is? You would think knowing this information would convince my subconscious that it doesn’t work, not even in theory.  Why won’t it just get over it? But then I lost interest, picked up a magazine, and found a good recipe for Pork (or chicken) Cacciatore, which got me a little excited. Im’a make that as soon as I have a few bucks to toss to a local supermarket.  So broke.  Or, um, impecunious.  Heh.

So. The ENT appointment.  It went…well, I s’pose.  Got a nice little endoscopy down my nose into my throat and took a look at my voice box.  Turns out I have anterior (in the front) vocal nodules.  Bilateral, because of the vocal fold (anything unilateral would just be considered a polyp).   I have a ton of restrictions, most of which includes alcohol, spicy stuff, caffeine, loud yelling/talking, whispering, singing outside of my vocal range/pitch, and the like.  I’m not supposed to clear my throat, which is next to impossible not to do because it’s just so damn automatic.  Oh, and water.  Tons and tons of fucking water.  Seriously, no less than 64 oz. per day.  I’ve imbibed about 70-75 today, so I’m good.  My mom’s gonna buy me two 32 oz. bottles of Gatorade tomorrow so I can fill ’em with agua and carry ’em around with me.  If I drink both in a day, I’m good to go.

I need speech therapy also, which is hi-larious.  I’ll have to speak to work about it tomorrow.  I’ll check the diagnosis code for vocal nodules with Aetna and see if I can’t get some insurance moneys to the office.  They don’t have to sit with me for a half hour or anything; just throw me a few pointers and check me out is all. I’d be cool with that.

All right, 1:30 a.m., you are fast approaching, and I need to be on my way to work at 9 tomorrow so I can listen to Bess Rogers, my friend from high school, on 101.9 RXP on the air with Matt Pinfield.  So excited for her! If my voice is shot, at least I can hear her pretty one.


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