Morning vocab.

I crashed last night.  I knew it would happen; I’d not had a proper amount of sleep in a week or so and in turn, I crashed.  But I’m up at 8 to do laundry and catch up a smidgen from what I didn’t do last night, so here goes (though I should probably wait until the coffee is done brewing and has been imbibed, honestly):

1. decorum — orderliness and good taste in manners. Like when you decorate a room, it’s often in good taste.  In this case, it’s just for manners.

2. satiate — to satisfy or fulfill the appetite or desire of. What is the difference between sate and satiate?  Are they interchangeable?

3. indolence — laziness. Mickey Dolenz was pretty lazy, wasn’t he?  (This is untrue; he was probably the most agile of the Monkees.)

4. welter — turmoil. I was always in a state of turmoil when my grandmother used to force me to go to Mrs. Walter’s house and keep her company.  I was but a child!

5. quixotic — idealistic; romantic to a ridiculous degree. My gratitude, Don Quixote.

6. blatant — offensively loud.  When did this word stop meaning ‘obvious’?  I’ll never be able to get rid of that, but I could always try to think of blaring horns, which are offensively loud…I guess.

7. unassuaged — unsatisfied; not soothed. Well, duh.  Assuaged is soothed.  So, yeah.

8. imperious — insisting on obedience. To be “in pair,” someone’s going to have to be obedient.  The other’s clearly going to insist upon it.

9. derision — ridicule. Hard to separate derive from this one, but I could think of de-rising, or keeping down via ridicule.

10. pious — religious. Pope Pious V — in 3-D!!!  (c) Eddie Izzard. (Okay, so it’s “Pius” but you get the idea.)

11. viscous — sticky; gluey. “Ew! It’s all…viscous!”

12. contumacious — rebellious. Two people consummating an unwanted relationship are being contumacious.

13. abstemious — state of self-denial, especially regarding food/drink. So they abstain from eating/drinking?

14. sanction — to approve. Again, I thought this meant something different, but a variation on the same theme.  I took it as rationing, but I guess when something is rationed, they need be approved first, yeah?

15. vagabond — wanderer. I’ve always called Elton John “The Wanderer.”  I got John and Dion confused pretty often.  (Lie lie lie!)

The one thing I’ve noticed is I make a lot of typos when I’m trying to type after being awake all of 30 minutes.  Clearly my brain needs more time to set up shop in the morning.  Seriously, like a ridiculous amount of ‘backspacing’ going on here (although on a Mac, there is no ‘backspace.’)  Okay, too frustrating.  Back for more vocab in the p.m.  Later, taters.


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