I’m a lucky girl.

I emailed all of my professors that I wouldn’t be there the first day of school.  Out of five of my classes, I got four responses.  One of them was, “there’ll be work, so make sure you get it,” another was, “don’t know what the syllabus will be/no homework in class/so fuck off” (I’m paraphrasing), and the one I just received tonight was from my Professor in Environmental History, who wrote a response not much unlike something I would have written.  It explained that she doesn’t mind if I don’t go to the first day of class because most students don’t, and that she tweaks the syllabus until the very first day of class, but I was welcome to the preliminary version if I so chose.  She also mentioned that she was looking forward to meeting me on Day 2, so I best have my rally cap on, ’cause I’m in this one to make it count.

In other news, I watched Grosse Pointe Blank and Seven Pounds tonight.  I loved Grosse Pointe; it made me text Cory.  In it, John Cusack says, “talk soon,” and Minnie Driver responds, “okay,” then he shows up at her house.  It reminded me of Cory’s “talk soon” comment, which he makes often, so I asked if that’s where it was from.  It resulted in a text conversation followed by an actual phone conversation.  I’d love to pretend that we’re just friends catching up, but I think we both know that it’s not.  Anyway, we have a date Wednesday.  He’s blunt and awkward and I both love and am awkward about it.

Anyway, Seven Pounds has seriously fucked me up, I think.  It gives me a whole new meaning to what BGM does for a living, and I absolutely loved the movie.  Granted, I haven’t seen the ending yet, but I get it, and it’s both horrible and beautiful at the same time.  I like a movie that can do that.  I also need to look into jellyfish further.  ‘Cause I was afraid of them before, but now….holy shit.

I also think it’s ironic that Ricky went for his transplant today, and today I watched this movie.  I don’t care what Chris says; there are no coincidences.


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