Double vocab, pre-pool time.

Seeing as I want to do some math studying later, I thought I’d get this vocabulary stuff out of the way early.  This way I can go back later and brush up.  After this (and my dad’s landscaping), I’m headed into the pool.

1. yore — time past. Like days of yore. Duh.

2. secrete — to hide away. Which is bizarre, ’cause to me, ‘secrete’ means to emit a substance, but instead it has the much more likely meaning, having to do with secrecy.  Neat-o.

3. bolster — to support; reinforce. Much like a holster supports a gun.

4. garrulous — trivial talking. Everyone in his family thought Garreth spoke trivially.

5. foment — to nurse to life; to encourage. Quite the opposite of torment.

6. soporific — causing sleep. Soup puts me to sleep…sometimes…maybe.

7. gainsay — to contradict; to deny. To say there’s a gain when there actually isn’t.

8. inane — silly. Like insane, only less a letter (so lesser in intensity).

9. fallacious — illogical. Fall? Ill?

10. inert — inactive; lacking power to move. Like inert gasses.  Woo 11th grade chem!

11. assiduous — persistent; unceasing. Acid is pretty persistent when it’s devouring something.

12. vituperate — overwhelm with wordy abuse. Maybe instead of vitamins, people should be getting hearty doses of wordy abuse!

13. vainglory — excessive, pretentious. Vain. Glory?  Yeah, that sounds pretentious.

14. savor — to satisfy fully. I thought it was more of like an appreciation/delight in, but fully satisfying is close enough.

15. inadvertently — unintentionally. This is so very not a GRE word.

16. obfuscate — to darken. Like an obstruction, confiscating one’s ability to see!

17. valorous — courageous. Those with valor are courageous.  Hoo-rah.

18. colloquial — pertaining to common speech. And a colloquialism is a logical expression.  Slightly ambiguous, but this is one of those words I’ve always pretended to know.

19. enervate — to weaken. By sapping their energy, they become frustrated.

20. sedulous — preserving in effort or endeavor. So, like, being sedentary.  Yay obesity epidemic!

21. inexorable — unrelenting. My first guess was “inexcusable,” so I guess this is right in line with that.

22. prevaricate — to use ambiguous language for the purpose of deceiving. Okay, so “vari” must sometimes signify ‘words.’  Now all I need to remember is that pre (in this sense only) means ambiguous and cate (again, in this instance) means deceit.  Think I’ll be able to?  Yeah, me either.

23. winsome — attractive. You win some attractive women; you lose some.

24. heresy — opinion or doctrine subversive of settled or accepted beliefs. There was certainly a much easier way to say that.  But I’ve read enough old fantasy novels to have seen a heretic or two.

25. diatribe — bitter or malicious criticism. Strange, it doesn’t sound like a bitter or malicious word.  But if you think of, “DIE!”  (Who?”) “A tribe [over there].”  Then I guess you could think of bitter, malicious Native Americans criticizing the new settlers.

26. perennial — something long-lasting. I suppose that’s where perennial flowers come from, though I never really thought of the meaning of the word.  For some reason I always think of portion(s) of a year, but if I spin that to lasting that long, I shouldn’t have a problem.

27. ineffable — unutterable. People say, “what the F?” instead of the whole word, so it’s “unutterable.”

28. wreak — inflict. Ah, yes, like “wreck havoc.”  ❤ that term.

29. emulate — imitate. Not sure why this word really exists.  Imitate seems just fine when it’s not being emulated.

30.  specious — seeming reasonable but incorrect. This room seems spacious enough for a bed, dresser and bookshelf, but it actually isn’t.

Mercy! Uncle!  Please, no more!  I just spent an hour on these words, as I was also fake-eating play-doh spaghetti, watching Boomerang and ushering a kid out to his bff’s birthday party.  Now my dad is mowing around the yard in circles (he uses the ride-on mower for the backyard, and walks the one in front).  I’m patiently waiting for the pool, but I don’t want to let the dogs out while he’s doing the yard work.  I might sit out reading that psychology article until I can’t bear the heat anymore, then get into the pool with Clash, which somehow I’m not even halfway done with.

Oh! And noteworthy to mention–that friend Ricky, who AD’ed the show Tally Ho! got the call for a new kidney today.  He’s been in surgery since 11 a.m., and if all goes well, he will have be new dialysis-free man in a few days!  So happy for him!  The donor matched on all 6 points, which means he might not even need antirejection medicine.  Huzzah!!

Vinny is back in town, but I haven’t been able to speak to him yet.  His time in the Peace Corps was cut short, which is sad, but ultimately good because we get our Vinny back.  I know I won’t be able to see him as much as I’d like, and I know he’s probably closer to Chris than he’ll ever be me, so I may just have to keep my distance anyway.

Christine left for Singapore yesterday.  She’s probably still traveling right now.  That seems crazy to me, but someday I will take a trip that has a day-long travel time.  Just ’cause.

It’s almost 1 p.m.  And I’m not yet in a bathing suit.  This is problematic.


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