Close your eyes.  Make a wish.  And you’re there.

Oh, if it only worked like the ol’ romantic movies of the 50’s…  I don’t want to watch, but I can’t take my eyes off of Carey Grant.  *sigh*  I seriously need to find someone who would pine.  Then again,  guess I have, but it only matters if there’s a reciprocated attraction.

So now that I’m done crying at the last scene of An Affair to Remember, Im’a put on Twilight, continue to type this, and study my vocab, because well, that’s what movies today allow for — distraction.  Especially Twilight.

Today, I slept too late, so I missed my chance for laundry.  My mother was doing hers by the time I awoke at 10, so I just changed the plan.  I went to our Wantagh office to drop some stuff off with Denise, then headed to Brooklyn to get L&B’s and Roll N Roaster for the fam.  On my way to their house, I got a call from my dad’s cell phone, which never happens.  So I called it back, and it turns out he and KJ were at my step-grandparents’ house, awaiting Vita’s return home from hip surgery.  Figuring I had bought enough L&B’s for everyone (1/2 tray), I continued on to Riverhead and shared my wealth with the whole extended step-family.  We got home around 6, and KJ and I played and took some pictures and videos and Lynn and I started drinking some interesting thing called Smirnoff’s Tuscan Lemonade, which goes down incredibly smooth and is light and refreshing.

That mostly brings us to now, after Lynn’s homemade spicy macaroni and cheese, made for me based on a recipe seen on the Food Network.  Spinach, mushrooms, cheese, crushed red pepper — delicious!!  Ah, the summer of good food, seriously.

And again, right now, I’m dancing in my seat to Supermassive Black Hole, because I’m a big Muse fan and that is my favorite song by them.  It’s in the movie; the baseball scene.  Sadly, I am loving this flick.  It will probably influence my decision to buy and read the second book.  Well, the ending will, once we get there.  I don’t exactly think this Edward Cullen boy is hot, but he does play the smooth-talking vampire gent quite nicely. The whole idea is ridiculous, as I believed from reading the book, but it’s still enticing.  Kudos, Stephanie Meyer.

So about this vocabulary?  Yeah, I’m just going to have to double-up…tomorrow.


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