Linda (‘s Day) Trip(p)

I don’t think I have vocabulary in me tonight, folks.  I’m dead tired.  It’s a quarter to midnight, and I should be out cold within the hour.  After getting very little sleep last night (mind you, I never did get that nap in), I got up at 7:30 to race to see Tracy, who chopped all my hair off.  Photo:

Alas! Short, red hair.

Surprise! Short haircut!

So then I stopped home (to take this photo), showed mom the new ‘do’ and then headed to work.  I was a smidgen silly at work, but I attribute that to my lack of sleep and new hairstyle.  After work I had intended on getting an oil change, but alas, I had neglected to bring my $5 off coupon, and shit- 5 bucks in 5 bucks, so I’ll go tomorrow.  Instead, I headed to the Island of Coney to spend some time by myself and eventually see the show Ricky AD’ed, “Tally Ho!”  I got there around 4, so I parked and started walking the Boardwalk.  I made it all the way to the end, West 36th Street.  Then I trotted down to the actual shore, and walked to Brighton along the water’s edge.  It was quite amazing.  I watched people, children and couples mostly, have utter fun, which was nice to see.  I realized there is a lot of trash on that beach.  I also realized there is no weight limit to which a woman will wear a bikini; but I don’t think this a bad thing–it signifies that women are not ashamed of their bodies, and that’s damn confident of them.  Though I must admit, some of them should just know when to go one-piece.  Oddly enough, it didn’t seem disgusting or appalling.  Maybe it was my good mood, or the mixture of elements, but it just seemed natural.

When I made my way back up to the boardwalk, I grabbed some roasted corn and continued to walk all the way to the other end (Brighton 15).  By then my legs were hurting, but I didn’t stop.  I actually paused to check out the Boardwalk map and list of events, when a stranger rode up on his bicycle after sharing a smile with me.  He asked if I needed directions, and before long we were in a ten-minute conversation about everything in my life.  Quite odd, if I do say so.  I didn’t ask anything, really, about him, but he just kept posing questions, and I just kept answering them.  He wanted to get a drink, but I begged off, to go be a tourist and also to find Ricky.  Vito seemed nice enough, but he was a little old, and a little defensive, often claiming to have understood what I meant when I had proceeded to clarify.  It seemed like I was insulting his intelligence, or so he would have me believe.  Anyway, I think I’m still too screwed up for dating, ’cause I’m just not interested in it.

Turns out Ricky had texted me anyway, so I hustled to find him after gawking at the handball players (all men, all cut, mostly young).  I don’t want to date, but I sure do want to … um, look.  Heh.  Anyway, I found Ricky, we chatted, and I went off in search of food (and beer), both of which, fortunately, could be purchased concomitantly at Nathans! I headed back to the picnic tables by the pseudo-stage that was being set up, and read a few pages of Clash while waiting for the show to start.  The show, by the way, was absolutely amazing; a little bit of finance, a little bit of humor, a little bit of history, a little bit of cornball — a smash!

Upon our parting, I told Ricky that I was interested in riding the Cyclone, and he explained he was not.  Part of it was the trace of beer left in my system; the other part was my desire to do things for the first time alone.  I oscillated in front of the roller coaster trying to make a decision.  I spoke to a woman outside whose two sons were on the ride, and she told me to just go for it.  I checked the price of the coaster: $8.00, then I checked the cash in my wallet: $8 in singles.  I let Arya’s, “fear cuts deeper than swords,” make the ultimate choice for me, and I paid the lady the cash, got my ticket and knew there was no turning back.

My first real roller coaster ride ever was the Astroland Cyclone.  This has made me tremendously proud, though a little saddened it’s been this long and I’ve never been on a roller coaster.  I feel as though getting used to it as a kid would make handling it in my adult life much simpler.  Now I have to learn to love them.  Right now I’m just…victorious in conquering one.  If you were to ask me how it went, I would probably answer with, “I have no idea.”  I don’t really know.  I was alone, it was dark, and it was an old wooden coaster.  I can’t imagine many are like it, but at least I’m not a virgin anymore (the one at Boomers soooo does not count).

I didn’t stick around for the fireworks show, partly because I forgot and they started at 10, as I was getting into my car,  but ultimately I didn’t need to.  I had accomplished enough for one day, beginning with changing my hairstyle and ending with my first roller coaster ride (the Cyclone!!!! I still can’t get over it!).

At present I would consider closing with vocabulary, but that seems an awful mundane way to end an exciting accomplished blog.  I know!  I’ll do that .5 day that I was saving for the end…this seems better a time than that, honestly.

1. pusillanimous — cowardly; faint-hearted. Pussy.  (EASY!)

2. recant — to formally withdraw one’s belief. Theoretically, I already know this.  But I’ll throw in that one would withdraw their belief if they can’t defend it.

3. exacerbate — to make more sharp or severe; to make worse. Thank you, vocabulary gods.

4. obdurate — stubborn. To oppose for a duration.  Stubborn.

5. wary — very cautious. FTW!

6. quiescence — being quiet or still; inactive. I read this in Clash last night, but I can’t recall the context.  I taught it to myself that way, but I didn’t remember it tonight, so I guess I fail at that method.  I thought something about quiet science as being inactive.  I don’t see why that’s still not a decent memory tool.

7. forestall — to prevent by taking action in advance. Um. This one kind of defines itself, yeah?  Fore = before.  Stall = hold up/prevent.

8. volatile — changeable. I change the tiles in my kitchen periodically.  Changing tiles?

9. qualm — misgivings; uneasy fears. Huh.  I always took it to mean more of a disturbance or uneasiness.  But I guess I will have to force fear into that definition o’ mine.

All right; that’s all for now.  I have got to put my head on a pillow immediately.


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