Vocabulary before midnight – gasp!

I’m changing things up a bit today; I’ve decided to do my vocabulary while there was still some light left to the day.  I’ve sorted out 15 cards/day (and I’ve a total of 7.5 days left worth of words).  I’ve “learned” 190 words.  This is exciting to me.  I see them when I read, I think about them during the day; it’s extremely cool.  I’m even considering getting a dictionary that I can just pick words at random to learn every day.  For now, though, here’s the next batch:

1. vantage — position giving advantage. The movie “Vantage Point” has really helped solidify my understanding of this word.

2. germane — relevant. I’d like to think of Jermaine Jackson as relevant (but unfortunately, I think all of the Jacksons are pretty irrelevant).

3. insouciant — nonchalant. This seemed like a fun French word off the bat.  When I learned its definition, I knew I would remember it without aid.  Fuckin’ French.

4. seethe — to be disturbed. Well that sure is a nice way of putting it, no?  I think of it on a much greater level.

5. whorl — ring. Is this the “whorl” in “give it a whirl?” Are they one and the same?   Weird, they’re not, but they’re quite closely linked.  You can whirl in a whorl.  Neat-o.

6. expatiate — to speak or write at some length. You would need length to explain something.  Those words sound similar, yah.

7. pungent — stinging; sharp in taste or smell. I’ve certainly heard of a pungent odor before.  This one needs no link.

8. quibble — minor objection or complaint. It just sounds like a mini-fight.  “Mom and dad were just having a quibble, honey.  Now go back to bed.”

9. whimsical — fanciful. Another no-brainer.

10. esoteric — hard to understand; known by only few. “Eso” means “that” in Spanish, which is quite difficult to understand if you don’t speak it.

11. neophyte — beginner. Broken down this word means “new” “characteristic,” so beginner pretty much just fits in there.

12. ennui — boredom. This I would not have guessed.  And this is the crazy way in which I will remember it:  My UI is very boring.  So IN my UI is BOREDOM.  Y’know what’s weird?  That’ll work.

13. penchant — inclination. Whee! I knew it before i wrote it!

14. irascible — easily angered. Most people at my job would tell you I am quite irascible. They don’t understand that I’m just busy, only have four hours,  and they never stop interrupting me.

15. vapid — having lost quality and flavor; dull; lifeless. Has the life just been vaporized out of there?? Sad, really.

And now I am supposed to go read that Psych article, but I get the feeling a nap is going to win, ’cause it always does.  I should just give in to this napping stuff.  According to the calendar I’ve set up for myself, I should be okay if I get my ass up by 7:30.  That’s two whole hours.  And I would absolutely have to read that article over the weekend sometime.  But I can handle that.

Good ni-  er, evening, everyone!

Ooh, before I go.  A friend of mine posted this on his blog.  Leninade?!  You can actually order some here.  Interestingly bizarre stuff.


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