Long week.

But not really.  I mean, it’s the same length as all of the other weeks, and I’m not really doing anything different — still working 20 hours, still napping entirely too much.  Which is what I accidentally did tonight.  If I didn’t fall asleep as early as 7:00, I would certainly have just slept through the night, but I get the feeling twelve hours of sleep is a little much.  So I got up after four, and I figure I’ll lay back down to read around 1, hoping to be asleep by say 2.  Then, if I get up at 7 a.m., I’ve slept a total of nine hours, with a cute little three hour awake-break in the middle.  How weird I am, for serious.

Today went a little bit according to plan, and a lot not.  I went to Janine’s and failed at my task.  Fucking Vista and Microsoft Works make doing anything “default-y” absolutely hell.  It should not be difficult to to change the default folder for downloads and change the format a document saves as in Works.  It should not be more than 30 seconds worth of work.  But I spent an hour trying different things and searching web forums for nothing.  Then I posed it to the workdaylist, since we’ve some techy people on there — nothing.  Jesse tried to help me, but no one else did.  Normally they’d jump all over that shit, but you know why no one did?  Because it’s impossible. Windows Vista is like, “shhh, leave that where it is; I set it up for you already, you fucking moron.”  Screw that.  I will find a way. I may even ask the target of my dreams…which is slowly driving me fucking insane, by the way.

But I digress, because the more I think about it, the worse I feel, so… /fail at Janine’s, I didn’t go visit step-grammy, we didn’t have our meeting because Kat canceled at 11:00 last night, Cory never called after I told him I would be around, and Jule wasn’t home when I called to set up a movie night.  I slept from 7-11pm and haven’t done anything else.  I’m playing Slingo, mostly because Suzy saw that I beat her high score and beat mine, so I’ve been trying to get something above 34,000.  Another impossible feat.  Why I am reaching too high today?  I also made up a Maine plan last night, but I don’t think I’m going to get to go, ’cause it’d absolutely have to be next weekend-ish, and I’m going away the following weekend with the family, so that’s probably taking too much time off.  Not for them; they’d love time without me. But my work wouldn’t get done, and I wouldn’t be getting paid…so I’d be spending money and not making any. Bad plan overall.  I think I’ll hide the Maine Guide Book and think about going next year, though next year I should be worrying about where I’m moving next summer.  Speaking of, I reallllly need to start working on that whole school application thing.  Im’a spend some time tomorrow and some time on Saturday working on that.  If I could find say, 8 schools, in and out of state that I want to apply to, and sort out their application processes, I would feel much better.  I’m off of R.A. work for the time being, so that lightens the load some.

What to do now that it’s almost midnight?  For starters, I could use a beverage.  I’m parched from my dumpling dinner.  Once downstairs though, I’ll have to empty the dehumidifier in the basement and re-hang the blinds in the bathroom.  Ah, well, it’s stuff I should have done earlier.  Then I think I’ll add some words to my list here, before publishing, and study the lot of ’em.  It should be around 1 by then, so I’ll sit down with either Clash or that psych article Sue reviewed for a journal.  Good plan, yeah.

::runs off to do chores::

Ah, there we go.  I did the dishes, emptied the dehumidifier, hung the blinds and changed out the recyling bag…all in 15 minutes!  Then I got a big big, Yanks swept the Red Sox cup of iced tea.  ::satisfied sigh::

So, for the vocabulary portion of the evening, I present to you (well, me, really):

1. vicissitude — change of condition or circumstances; generally of fortune. ::throws satisfaction out the window:: What the hell is this crap?   Okay, so let’s say when someone becomes a viceroy, their circumstances change, and depending on how you look at it, for the better.  …stretch?

2. negate — to cancel out; nullify. ::wipes brow:: Phew!  NEXT!

3. hyperbole — exaggeration or overstatement. “It was a very hyper bowl.”  (A bolee isn’t something that can be hyper, so….whatevs.)

4. goad — to urge on. I must have magic word-picking fingers tonight.  But for all intents and purposes, to urge a goat can be quite difficult if he’s stubborn.

5. sloth — slow-moving. Ah, yes, like the sin.  Or transgression. Fucking words.

6.  obsequious — servile; ready to serve. If someone were to serve me, I would make them wear a sequined vest.

7. extirpate — to root out; eradicate. I’d like to dig up some patê from the ground, and kick it out of here.  Exited patê.  Rooted out.

8. rhetoric — the art of effective communication. The major thing lacking in most of my semi-successful relationships has been rhetoric.  /killself.

9. invidious — showing or feeling envy. …therefore I am quite invidious of other, successful couples.  (This is not entirely true, but there’s a modicum of truth to it.)  ::shakes fist at GRE people::

10. inchoate — recently begun. When you only ate an inch, you’ve only just begun eating.

11. writhe — twist in coils. Linda writhed in pain when she had a kidney stone.

12. warranted — justified. The ends oft don’t warrant the means.  Or, alternatively, I have this warrant out for a justification.

13. gullible — easily deceived. I’m not even going to bother; I know too many of these words to keep making shit up to remember them, uh, more.

14. egress — exit. Um.  E guessed it was time to go, so he exited?

15. vociferous — making a loud outcry. Cried out “for us”?  Voiced out loud for us?  That might work.

When I do my vocab (in 10 minutes) I’m going to sort them into piles of 10, so that I can count how many I’ve got going in the rotation in total.  That should bring back the ol’ satisfaction.  Until then, good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.  🙂


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