Vocabulary, Day OMGisitGREtimeyet?

After all but dying in the 95 degrees yesterday, I decided to stay a day at my dad’s (that plus having been away over the weekend & not having been able to see my brother), so now I’m freezing.  Heh.  But it’s much easier to curl up under a blanket than it is to sit in front of an oscillating fan and not move.

I have about 150 words to study, and Im’a look into a few days in Maine (maybe Sunday – Tuesday, so I can still see the family and if work lets me take the days), but first, let’s add some more:

1. cognizant — aware; taking notice. Thankfully, I’ve taken Cognitive Psychology and thus was forced to learn this word.

2. craven — cowardly. Maybe the “nevermore” raven was at the door ’cause he was hiding.  Hey, ya never know.

3. impugn — to assail with arguments or accusations. There’s that “pug” root again.  So I might not be able to recall the accusations portion, but I will certainly know it’s to fight.

4. astute — keen; wise. I had to learn this once (SAT word?), so I linked astute student.  But I kinda like “ast-hoot” and the wise old owl connection.

5. bombastic — using inflated language; pompous.  “They call me Mr. Pompous; ain’t it fontostic…”  Thank you, Shaggy, for being a pompous douchebag.

6. divest — to strip; to deprive. Strip off a vest? *wink, wink*  That should do the trick.

7. impecunious — having no money; broke. I wish saying that I was impecunious would be good enough, but I don’t think it would be.  I could think I went to a CUNY school ’cause I had no money.  Yeah, ha, that’ll work.

8. veracious — truthful. Verifiably correct.  OR Vera Wang is a truthful person.  Preferably the former.

9. verbiage — use of many words. Like, verbatim?  Verbs? Yeah, that should be simple enough.

10. verbose — wordy. Well that was fortunately quite coincidental.

11. proclivity — natural inclination. Clivity….climbing?  InCLINation?  Um, sure!

12. prodigious — immense; enormous. It’s so big, it’s a prodigy!

13. profound — deep; not superifcial. Already known. Yippee!

14. proliferate — to grow rapidly. Instead of Multiplicity, they should have called that movie Proliferation.

15. propensity — natural inclination. So, uh, like proclivity?

Okay, it’s 1 a.m. and I need to brush up on all bajillion of these words and get to bed before, say, 3.  My plan for the next few days (since I’m having trouble keeping it all together in my head, and even in my planner) is as follows:

– sleep past everyone leaving (but find out what to do with the alarm and dogs)
– pick up my prescription at the Miller Place CVS circa 10:30 a.m.
– stop by Janine’s to change how her PC saves downloads and new documents
– work from around 12-4 (while there: check Stony Brook Hospital’s visiting hours, address my check to Dr. Watsky’s office, check about more days off and get in touch with Sue re: meeting)
– visit step-gramma at SB hospital ’till around 5
– stop at the bank (deposit & grab $20 bucks)
– go to Sue’s at 6 for our meeting
– call Jule and/or Cory (try to plan a girl’s movie night with Lynn and Jule)
– when I get home (say 9/9:30-ish), look into some schools and do some vocab.  after that, free for all until bedtime.

– laundry at 9:30 a.m.
– work 10:30 to 2:30 (which means leave at 3, ’cause that’s how it works in Lake Success–plus, I clean 2:30 to 3)
– take in laundry at 5
– do GRE studying most of the night (can also clean up part of the basement as a substitution, or, hell, do both)
– email all of my teachers about the first day of school
– look into potential Maine stuff
– go to bed before 2!  (have to be up at 7:30 on Friday!)

– 8:00 a.m. I chop all my hair off (well, most of it)
– work 9:30 to 1:30
– oil change at 2
– Coney Island 3:30 – 9
– more Maine booking/looking into

Saturday I’m going to my dad’s.  I was thinking of bringing some food presents for my dad and Lynn on Saturday, but it’d be a lot of driving, so it’s still a maybe (but a good chance).  I’ll have to pack, and I’m also going to get any remaining RA work done on Saturday and do some GRE studying (and look into more schools, provided I haven’t completely finished doing that, which I likely won’t be).  This way Sunday I can just relaaaaax, and maybe stay over again.  I’d like to make some headway in Clash of Kings again, as I’m only like 165 pages in.

I feel like I’m missing something, but I guess if I remember it, I can always write it down somewhere.  Ugh, I need another list!

For now? Back to Futurama and Slingo.  Oh yeah, and studying vocabulary.  Not sure I’ll have the time to look into Maine stuff anymore.  Oh well!  Shame I’m such a huge napper!  And good thing I’ve no real obligations (yet).  😉


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