Post-vaca vocab.

So for the record, that pre-vaca vocab thing? Didn’t really work out.  I mean, I still like most of what I’d come up with, but my recall on those words was less than stellar.  Anyways, I’ve been home a whole day, so it’s time to get back into the swing o’things.

1. disconcert — to disturb the composure of. Huzzah! A word I know!

2. dissemble — to disguise or pretend. I shall think of Chris’s model guys, as they were disassembled to be re-created and then took part in pretending! Yay!  *sigh*

3. desultory — aimless; haphazard. Hrm.  Holy shit, I have absolutely nothing.  Uh.  I can maybe think of sultry bitches being kind of aimless and haphazard?  I dunno; that seems like quite a stretch.

4. sinuous — curving in and out. Twelve words to represent a “sinful” person, but ‘sinuous’ means fucking curving?  Im’a take this the über-perverted route and link curvature to sinful and…and…in and out… good god — let me have this one mentally, ok guys?

5. skeptic — doubter. No explanation necessary.

6. skittish — lively; frisky. Two links: kitties and Friskies cat food, and … well, the perverted route. Heh.  I guess I’m in one’a those moods.

7. slander — defamation. Hey, GRE peeps — ain’t slander the one by mouth, whereas libel is written defamation?  Yeah, you should put that in your little book there.

8. fervor — ardor or intensity of feeling. Fervor / fever.  Intense.  Yeah, I don’t need a big clue for this one; I’d probably just know it.

9. puerile — childish. Well, come on, I mean look at that ridiculous childish word.  Like ‘juvenile.’  Pansy.

10. amalgamate — to mix/blend together in a homogeneous body. Like BGM?  Hehehe. ANAL MATING?

11. intrepid — fearless and bold.  Easily recollected due to the USS Intrepid.

12. pugnacious — quarrelsome. The root pug = fight, so this should be fairly simple to disassemble.  If that should fail, fighting = UGly.

13. contentious — quarrelsome. Did I, uh, make a mistake here?  No, I think what I did was pick some awesome random cards.  Nice.  So then yeah, this kind of seems counter-intuitive as well.  Contentment is happy, but contentious is belligerent.  Ah, well, I guess some people are happy fighting.  They’re probably ugly, too.

14. facetious — amusing. These GRE people need to get out more.  Amusing is close, but not exactly the definition here.  See, like that last statement about contentious people being ugly?  That was facetious.

15. prudence — caution. The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so are you, Dear Caution.  Won’t you come out to play?


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