Pre-vaca vocab.

I may or may not have had some pre-vacation martinis, so ‘scuse me if this makes less sense than usual.  I shall do the wordy-thing now:

1. obviate — to make unnecessary. Um…it’s so obvious it’s unnecessary?  Lame, yes, but all I can come up with.

2. officious — meddlesome. Cops (officers) are always meddlesome.  Bishes should jus’ min’ they own biznass.

3. onus — burden. Fuck, the burden is ON US?  Shiiiit.

4. opprobium — infamy; vilification. Okay, so I have no idea what ‘vilification’ means, but I take it has something to do with becoming a villain.  I’m not sure how to link opprobium to that, save for villians being big fans of anal probes.  Well, I know it’s an alien thing, so maybe villains are big on that too?  *shrug*

5. oscillate — to waver. Thankfully, I’m too poor for A/C, so I only have oscillating fans to keep me cool over the summer.

6. ostentation — a display of vanity; showy. I s’pose I’ve always known what ‘ostentatious’ means, but not exactly.  I can think of an ostrich-bag as being very showy, if that helps.

7. palpable — perceptible by feeling or touch. Like palpations, I guess?

8. unison — complete accord. Phew! Music class, FTW.

9. ungainly — awkward; clumsy. Nothing to gain by being awkward or clumsy.  Ask my favorite person in the whole world.  No, really, ask him.  Maybe there is.

10. paragon — model of perfection. You’ve heard of the eight-sided octagon, and the ten-sided decagon, yes?  Introducing the new (and improved!) paragon!  The utter model of perfection!

11. parsimonious — sparing in the spending of money.  Why are there like eighty synonyms for ‘cheap’???  (I know that doesn’t help me remember the word, but I’ve seen so many of ’em that they’re beginning to just stick out in my brain.)

12. partisan — one-sided; committed to one party. I’d like to thank my interest in politics for allowing me to not have to recall yet another word.

13. pathos — having a quality that rouses emotion or sympathy. Like an empath.  Not sure how pathology fits into that exactly, but so long as I think of empath, I will think emo.

14. paucity — few. Oh this is just too easy.  A po’ city has few people in it. Yay!

15. admonition — a gentle reproof. Er. Um. Sometimes ads can be cautioning…or, uh, monitors can advise.  /fail.

Look, I’m tired, and I was drinking, so this wasn’t the best of plans.  But I’ll learn the damn words sooner or later (by the 26th no doubt); better to have early exposure.

And now I am off to pack for the mini-vacation of a weekend in Philly at the Ellis residence with Jesse and Rob.  I’m not sure which I’m more exicted for: the weekend there or the Yanks/BoSox game on Sunday.  ::squee::


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