Level 75 and a bad vocab plan.

It’s 2:55 in the morning.  I was woken up this morning at 8:30 when my mother called me from downstairs to tell me she was sick and needed help.  I took an hour nap at 1:30 in the afternoon.  I’m tired.  But Morilai hit level 75 tonight.  At this rate, she might actually make 80 by school.  That would be so kick-ass and so pathetic- er, I mean awesome.  Well, I would get my money’s worth of the game, seeing as I go months without playing.  Jesus, Mori got shoulders that weren’t gray tonight and I was excited.

Anyway, considering my level of exhaustion I know it’s a horrible plan to introduce vocabulary.  However, I promised myself I would, so Im’a compromise. Ten words tonight:

1. inure — to harden or toughen by use, exercise or exposure. Dear Linda, you will eventually harden/toughen through experience and exposure to crap IN YOUR lifetime.  Promise. XOXO, the world.

2. exculpate — to free from blame. P.S. However, no matter what, you will never be exculpated from being responsible for everything bad ever by the Astorians.  Sorry.

3. embellish — to add attractive and ornamental features. This seems to be everyone’s favorite thing to do, though I’m not sure why.

4. itinerant — wandering. This seems counter-intuitive.  I feel as though an itinerant would stick to an itinerary and not wander.  But I suppose that shall help me remember.  I hope.

5. chicanery — use of trickery to deceive. Chicks. Duh.

6. consternation — panic. The new catchphrase of Hitchhiker’s Guide: “Don’t Consternate.”  Alternatively, if you’re constipated, don’t constinate.

7. importune — to harass with persistent demands. Like, uh, IMPORTANT ones?

8. undermine — to weaken; to sap. Someone’s been playing too much warcraaaaft.  SAP the diggers in the MINES.  Got it.

9. effrontery — shameless boldness; impudence. The bold fighters are on the front lines, or so I would be led to believe.

10. ascetic — given to severe self-denial; practicing excessive abstinence. How, exactly, are these two things related?  Well, for me they are, but for, like, the rest of the world…how?  Fortunately for my own, sad, personal link, I will think of anaesthetic –> loss of feeling –> abstinence –> self-denial.  Aw, Linda just had a self-denial moment.  How touching.

Yeah, so, bed now.  I will likely have to re-learn these words tomorrow.  But instead, I’m going to work for five hours (taking one day off next week, so adding an hour on to all the other days), then go to an incredibly depressing research meeting with Sue & Kat (remotely) for what’s going to feel like forever to go over our absolutely horrible coding reliability.  /scared.  ‘Night!


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