A night with the only man in my life.

Before he got home, y’know, from camp, I showed up at the house while the sun still shone brightly.  The first thing I usually do when I get outside is check the temperature of the pool water, and seeing it was nice and warm, and no one was home, I decided to have a 4pm swim.  My favorite dog of my lifetime (I guarantee you, there will be none I love more), Casey, was my absolute best friend, as she swam right along side me, for close to a half an hour.  Every time I did a lap, she jumped in and followed me.  It was absolutely amazing; I’d never seen her swim so much–she usually just jumps in, swims a lap and gets out for a little while.

Out of nowhere, the sky turned a dark gray, and I told Case it was time to call it quits.  I hopped out of the pool, toweled myself off best I could, then towled Case off.  We weren’t in the house 5 minutes before the rain began.  Close call.  Dad showed up a few minutes later, and after changing, I took the opportunity to do my nails (my own little mani/pedi) until Little Man and Wicked Stepmother came home.  The ‘rents left shortly thereafter, so I took KJ to Micky D’s for some chicken nuggets.

After dinner, he helped me set up for cookie baking, then taught me how to bake cookies in his house (how to use the mixer, where the level is).  He measured out the flour and cracked the eggs for me.  Then he helped me do the dishes, my little clean-freak in training.  By the time I was just about finished cleaning, he was laying around with Blankie with droopy eyes.  I checked the clock and it was near 9, about an hour or so past his bedtime.  So I got him into PJs and set him up on the couch, watching Avatar.  He told me he had a spot next to him on the couch for me, and I promised to sit with him within minutes, as soon as I had finished cleaning up from the cookies.  Not five minutes later, he was out cold.

I spent the next 45 minutes or so straightening up the house, as a courtesy to Dad and Lynn.  During this time, I watch KJ start to roll over.  Assuming he would realize what was going on, I continued watching.  He. Fell. Off.  Running over to him, I picked him up and laid him back down on the couch.  I finally get a chance to sit down, and Dad and Lynn walk in the door…with ice cream.

…and that pretty much brings us to now.  I’m enjoying stand-up Friday and debating between Clash of Kings and World of Warcraft, but I’m kind of tired, so I think WoW’s gonna win.  Maybe I’ll grab a beer.  I realized about an hour and a half ago that I went through an entire Friday night without a beer…weird.  I should probably fix that.


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