Vocabulary a la diner.

Look, I needed me some pancakes, okay?! Lay off!

Anyways, I re-studied my 100 vocab words and added 15 more while enjoying some delicious pancakes, bacon & coffee while being served by my waitress, (none other than) Linda.  She sucked, however, so she only got a $2 tip.  Then again, that was on a $9 bill, so all in all I guess she made out in the deal.

Here’s my 15 newest words.  I don’t always have a way to remember these fuckers, and sometimes the way I do doesn’t exactly make sense, but who cares–so long as I learn ’em, right?

1. umbrage — sense of injury. My link?  I think people wearing Umbro clothes are usually playing sports and thus are often injured. Yeah, I’m weird.  And stuck in the 90s.

2. prescience — knowledge of events before they happen. Pre = before.  Science = well, science.  Knowledge.  So “knowing before.”

3. licentious — wanton. What’s funny is I don’t know what either of those words mean.  So having looked them [both] up, I get a cross between lacking legal restraint and disregard of sexual restraints.  All I can say is that I knew there was a reason I liked this word so much.

4. Plethora — excess; superabundance. Yay! Knew it already!

5. Loquacious — talkative. Even though the prefix refers to speech, I still will have trouble with this one.  All I can come up with is Loki being talkative, but even that’s a stretch.

6. Porous — full of pores.  You go, GRE book.  You go.

7. Penurious — excessively sparing in the use of money. I simply have to think of Ian as cheap.  ‘Cause he likes pens.  Like a lot.

8. Laconic — brief and to the point.  I have only been able to come up with using the ‘con’ in laconic to denote ‘concise.’

9. Ubiquitous — being present everywhere. I don’t know that it’ll work, but I just auto-assume ‘omnipresent’ when I see the word.

10. Portend — foretell. The words are kind of the same.  Por = for.  Tend = tell.  Simple enough.

11. Latent — dormant. Latent dream content or latent memories.  Yay psych studies!

12. Precipitate — rash; premature. I think of a rash based on weather conditions.  Or poor prediction by the weathermen/women.

13. Precocious — mature at a young age. I’ve previously misused this word and had to look it up several times, so I think now I’ve got it down.  Well, I hope.

14. Precarious — perilous. You’d care if there was danger, wouldn’t you?

So there either isn’t a 15th word tonight (which doesn’t makes sense because there are 115 in total), or I can’t figure out which other one I learned an hour ago.  I guess maybe it’s better that way.  Did I write down ‘platitude’ already?? I can’t remember…

Oh! So I registered for the GRE, scary as it is to think/say/type/remember that.  $150 friggen dollars to spend four hours of my life taking a test.  I am a moron, for certain.  I seriously think schools should pay students to take the damn thing, seeing as they get so much money from them (or their parents, or their lenders).  The Psych GRE has available dates 10/10/09 and 11/7/09, then not again until April of 2010.  By the time I take those though, I have to have up to 4 schools that I want all my scores sent to, which means I actually have to have applications ready to go.  How the hell am I going to juggle 5 classes, 20 hours of work, RA work, researching and applying to grad/PhD programs and taking the Psych GREs all at the same time?  And lord help me if I get the job at the psychiatrist’s office.  December is going to kill me, I fear.  Between end-of-the-year authorizations, potential end-of-quarter work for Dr. K, applications and finals and holidays, I’m shaving years off of my life –especially now that I don’t even have smoking as a vice (aside from three drags of two difference cigarettes on Saturday, I have been smoke-free for 23 days).  I can’t even take only 4 classes and do the RA work because I’m not allowed more than 6 credits in a single lab, and I’m up to 4 in Dr. Aron’s.  Lame.  Well, aside from BioPsych, I don’t know that any of my courses will be particularly difficult, though I say that every semester and most all of them kick my ass.  Okay, stress levels rising.  Need to think about something less serious now.

I think I’ll go throw the Daily Show on in the background and so some (almost) midnight cleaning.  Peace, ya’ll.


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