Lost like car keys.

Why are all the boys I had crushes on in high school that would now pay me the time of day fat?  Where the fuck did the lean guys go?  Oh, right, off to the foam party at the Boardy Barn with their whore girlfriends.  Most of me hates everything about that life and those type of people.  A small part of me knows that were I that type of person, I’d be happier because I’d be ignorant.

I’m not really in the mood for vocabulary tonight.  I had a bit of a long day, despite the fact that it was not exactly overwhelming.  Work was, but I didn’t turn the phone on and I was alone in the office, so I got a good solid four hours of work done.  Then I hiked across part of the island to Jule’s where we immediately shared a midday snack (mozzarella and spinach dip with sun-dried tomato crackers) and some piña coladas.  We then had fake naptime where we did nothing for all of a half hour, and eventually headed out to K-Mart to get cat food for Leslie and dog food for Bella.  Following the fun of that trip, we dined at Hotoke where we shared a California Roll and ate yummy hibachi.  I had ordered steak & shrimp, but our slightly less-than-talented chef did not realize this (despite asking me before he began cooking), and I wound up with all three (chicken, steak & shrimp).  Silly as it was, it made me happy.

I’m still torn between wanting to be alone and asking Cory to either pancakes (well, diner) or a walk on the Jones Beach Boardwalk tomorrow.  I really don’t want to get into anything new (like, really really don’t), but I don’t want to lose him a third time on account of the same stupid shit.  Sadly, I can’t find the letter he wrote me back in ’00.  It was the best, most romantic (comedy) thing anyone has ever written me.  It haunts me every day that I am unware of it’s hiding place.

Well, it’s about midnight, and I need to be getting a few things done right quick before bed, so until the ‘morrow…


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