Vocabulary pick-up.

Okay. Back to the drawing board…not that I can draw.  Though Cory is a nice inspiration for not being able to draw.  ANYways… new words time.

1. Lucid — easily understood; clear. I started with an easy one to re-acclimate myself.  Having learned what lucid dreaming is, I’ve got this one down.

2. Malingerer — one who feigns illness to escape duty. I happen to love this word.  Don’t ask how I’m going to think of Eminem when I think of this word, but I will, and I will automatically associate it with the line, “Teacher! Teacher! Quick I need a naked nurse? What’s the matter? I dunno, my leg-it hurts! Leg? I thought you said it was your tummy. Oh, I mean, it is, but I also got a bum knee. Mr. Mather, the fun & games are over. And just for that stunt you’re gonna get some extra homework. But don’t you want to give me after-school detention? Naw, that bully wants to beat your ass, and I’m gon’ let him.” ❤ you, Em.

3. Malleable — pliant. For some reason I learned this word in association with a ball-peen hammer.  I don’t know how or when or why, but it’s stuck in there, in my brainspace, already known.

4. Maverick — rebel; non-conformist. HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Two names: John McCain and Sarah Palin.  ‘Nuff said.

5. Mendacious — untrue. How do we mend frienships? We LIE to save our asses.

6. Metamorphosis — change of form. Several ways to remember this, but my favorite is the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

7. Meticulous — over-cautious. I think of this in the detail-oriented form.  I’m pretty meticulous.  But it’s more an obsessive-compulsive thing than it is caution.

8. Misanthrope — one who hates mankind. I’m changing this word to Misanthroke. Because if you take out the shit in the middle, it becomes Mike, and Mike hates mankind.

9. Nefarious — extremely wicked. The GRE book had used this word in reference to a wizard, so I now associate wicked wizard with nefarious.  Odd connection, considering the first thing I think when I hear ‘wizard’ is Zedicus.

10. Mundane — worldly. Well that’s a nice way of putting it, GRE peoples.  I still automatically think of boring, but hell, at least I’m automatically thinking of something correct.

11. Modicum — a small amount. I picked easy words tonight, I guess.  I already kind of think of a modicum of doubt, or something similar, but if I’m still having trouble, I can always think of…well…cum.  Fourtunately, I’ve never encountered gushers, so a small amount is about right.  ‘Specially when you’ve swallowed more than you’ve spit.  I’m so grossed out right now.

12. Mollify — to soothe. This connection is going straight to a fomer manager of mine, Molly.  She was so soothing, she used to tell mendacious tales just to relate to people so they would feel comfortable and have a good dining experience.  She was creepy and bulimic.

13. Mitigate — to lessen in intensity or appease. I think of litigation.  Now I also think of mendacity, because I have a tendency to lie when appeasing. So mendacity + litigation = mitigation.

14. Mordant — biting. Morbid? Vampires? Biting?

15. Morose — ill-humored; sullen. Good thing I know this one too, ’cause I can’t really think of any good relatable ideas for this one.

So as a quick review of the last few days:

Thursday I went to work, twice (Lake Success and Wantagh), then drove over to the Beer Garden for 2 pints and some bratwurst.  Had a really horrible night after dropping a tiny present off at Chris’s, but got over it, obviously.

Friday I worked and was told I was exceptionally bubbly over the past few days.  I said I thought it had something to do with being alone, ’cause it’s what I really need(ed?), but it turns out I realized today that it was because I wasn’t overwhelmed.  Needless to say, I’m not bubbly today.  After work I went to my dad’s and played with KJ and had beer margaritas with Lynn and played some WoW.

Saturday I worked for about four hours in Wantagh, came home to read in the sun for two hours and nap, then trekked out to Astoria again to party for Christine’s Singapore Excursion.  Played darts with Ross (we were team LIRR–that was not nice of Raab, namer of teams), Raab and Beth (team: Thundercats.  Asshole.)  Managed to get home by about 3:30.

Sunday woke up at 7:45 to prep and head out to Alex & my casino trip.  We drove out to Orient, got on a ferry to New London, then were bussed to Mohegan Sun where we shopped and gambled and ate (and in my case, drank bloody marys) for six hours.  I lost about 120 bucks, but Alex found me some herbal tea for crappy throats and I got a rabbit’s foot.  Please note how utterly excited I was by this rabbit’s foot.  It’s an instantaneous link to my childhood for some reason.  As a matter of fact, I have to go look up what the hell that scent is anyway, so I know what I’m addicted to.

Lastly, today was an incredibly busy and hectic four hours of work (in which I tried to maintain my patience, but am not sure how well I did), followed by a sadly difficult Skype meeting between myself & Sue (at Sue’s place) and Kat.  In an hour and a half we made it through 15 love defenitions (we’re categorizing).  There are about 1000 in total.  I have until Sunday night to code another 135.  FML.

Notes to self:
– look up rabbit foot scent
– send Alex the names of those places we wanted to look up
– find someone to donate extremely old encyclopedias to
– tell Meryl I can’t make it on the 8th ’cause I’ll be in Philly with Jesse at ‘Stine’s.  Damn.

And for now… watch the rest of Coraline (fell asleep to it last night) and file some shiznit paperwork sitting in a box.

Tomorrow: work in peace & quiet in Lake Success from 10-2, then head to Jule’s for pina coladas and hibachi.

Y’know, reading back, my life doesn’t suck.  It’s just overwhelming sometimes.


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