Things I learned tonight.

1. I still look good in a mini skirt.

2. Sam avoided me like a five year old trying to get out of eating his last chicken nugget.  Which just makes me believe I’m a bigger person than he, because I was man enough to acknowledge his existence, mostly be giving him a hug hello.  Douchebag.  Here’s a note: I faked it every time.  Also, knowing he made my mom’s skin crawl helped me get over it much faster.

3. Chris never said so much as ‘thank you.’   Sure that makes me sad, but it’s also an eye-opener.  Hope it lasts.  Doubt it will.

4. I will miss Christine terribly.  Good thing I get a final good-bye from Philly in two weeks.

5.  I never leave when I say I’m going to leave.  I’m home about 2 hours later than I expected to be.

Gambling and drinking all day on the ‘morrow.  Night!


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