Vocabulary, day 6.

I’m tired.  I canceled plans tonight because I wasn’t feeling well.  Mostly.  I mean, I could have forced myself to forget I felt crappy, so the other 25% driving me to cancel was fear.  Part of me wishes I hadn’t called so soon.  Jule is right; I need time to myself.  Ah, well.  Ain’t no problem in getting together now and again, right?  Hooray for busy schedules.

Speaking of, as I’m exhausted as early as 10pm, I’m gonna bang out these words and head to the reading/sleeping portion of the evening.

1. Odious — hateful. I knew this word.  Maybe it’s all that hate I used to harbor.

2. Efficacy — power to produce an intended effect. Simple.  Self-efficacy (in psychology) is knowing what you are capable of doing with regard to something specific.  Thank you, Stony Brook University.

3. Dissolution — breaking up of a union or persons. Like dissolving.  Yeah.  Or I can easily think of leaving The Doctor as a dissolution.

4. Imperturbable — calm. This is misleading.  Imperturbable looks like the least calm word ever.  But logically, if you can’t perturb someone, they’re pretty goddamn calm.

5. Impervious — impenetrable. All right, enough of this confusing crap.  Why not just say ‘impenetrable’ instead of ‘impervious’ then?  *sigh*  Okay, perv, then.  Pervs penetrate.  IMpervs IMpenetrate.  Done.

6. Implicit — implied. Implicit memory, as learned in Cognitive Psychology.  ❤ Prof. Nancy Franklin.

7. Gregarious — sociable; outgoing. If I only knew a Greg that was outgoing.  Greg the Bunny?  Ha! Sold.

8. Fatuous — idiotic. Is that where infatuation comes from?  Since it’s SO IDIOTIC.  I say this with such emotion because this one time I dated this guy for a couple of years and he was infatuated with this other woman.  I wonder if he ever realized it…or whatever happened between them.  On second though, I’d prefer not to know.  Ignorance, bliss, n’all that.

9. Titillate — to tickle. *giggle*  This one is cake.  How did most of the retarded boys attempt to sleep with me?  They tickled me… tickle is an attempt at tit.  It’s adorable.  And kind of lame, guys, seriously.

10. Ephemeral — short-lived; fleeting. Like listening to FM radio.  Short-lived because of all the friggen commercials.

11. Contrite — feeling/showing sorrow and remorse for a sin or shortcoming. What is with all of the sins this book likes to refer to? Well, um, con-men should feel remorse?  S’all I can really come up with atm.

12. Variegated — many-colored. A variety of gates.  Different-colored gates.  Mental picture….and…..stuck in memory forever.

13. Vehement — forceful. I kind of already knew this word.  Glad I read so much.

14. Guileless — without deceit. It’s really more like naive, if you ask me.  But since guile is like cunning, then without it makes sense as without deceit.

15. Venerate — to look upon with deep respect. How about adding a ‘t’ and learning a lesson.  I have learned to respect Vent[rilo], even if I don’t particularly love it.

I just happened to look at my CD tower, and saw “all the right reasons.” Not knowing what this could be, and seeing as I’ve used those words as titles to blogs for years, I investigated further.  Turns out it’s Nickleback’s album.  I have such a hatred (not respect, unfortunately) for this band, but my dad is working on piecing Rockstar with different lyrics together for a friend, and he wants me to help with vocals.  So I’m quite glad I found this CD.  Now I can listen/practice at my leisure.  Life’s little coincidences.


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