Vocabulary, day 5.

And then some, of course.

I really need to get some sort of extra fan/cooling mount for Mackey.  Not that I play WoW often, but one of the reasons I get so tired of playing is because the hotter he gets, the more the game lags.  And I bought him specifically to be able to play WoW.  I guess my new goal is 80 by the end of the year at this point, seeing as I played for the first few weeks of summer and then took the next month off.

Being “single” again is kind of a relief, however unfortunate.  Especially considering I was the douchebag that first hoped I would be broken up with, and then, in a fit of frustration, just sent a reply text saying I “couldn’t do this.”  You know what, though?  I’m only three quarters guilty feeling about it.  Despite however unfair this is, I have been screwed over time and time again by guys whose idea of “breaking up” or “not seeing each other anymore” was to ignore me until I went away, or act like a complete asshole until I was so fed up I just had to stop seeing them.  What makes it okay to do that to me in the first place?  Sure, sure, that doesn’t make my doing it okay, it just makes me like them.  I should be the first person to know that only fuels the horrible fire and doesn’t allow me to do things properly, but let me be human too once or twice.  I need to be an asshole every now and again just like everyone I know.

I seriously think there should be some kind of break up rules based on the amount of time you’ve been dating.  If you’ve only seen each other less than say…ten times, breaking up by text or email is kind of okay; it’s not like you were in a serious relationship or anything.  Over three months or more serious than a handful of dates cannot be handled under in such a manner.  (Yes, I know I’m trying to absolve myself of guilt.  It’s working, so shutup.)

So tonight, I did my favorite thing ever: whatever I wanted.  I watched a movie, took a nap, played some WoW, and now I’m going to learn some words and then read ’till my eyes close. I’m also chatting with Mike…’cause I can.  Though it’s not the same kind of instant gratification Jesse was referring to when we spoke, there’s some relief there.  I couldn’t really handle the responsibilty of another person right now.  I’m kind of in my own world, doing my own thing.  True, I’m seeing the Blast fom the Past tomorrow, but it’s really refeshing to learn that tomorrow is the only day until next week that he and I both have time to get together.  He’s a man with a life, an agenda.  Aspirations and goals.  That’s nice to see.  Especially in someone intelligent, with a sense of how the world works, and tons of insane life experience.  That’ll go however it does, and I will be satisfied no matter what happens.

I went on an interview this morning in which I was told I was confident and persistent, and that both were good things.  I never thought anyone would flat out, to my face, call me ‘confident.’  And coincidentally enough, my confidence soared.  Out of the two interviews I went on, I’d prefer to work in the psychiatrist’s office, but if they don’t hire me, and the accountant wants to, I’m happy to learn new things and help him out best I can.

Who am I?  Cory asked me last night something about what changed my outlook on life, and I went through a rant about how it must be life-inclusive, but I didn’t want to give my last relationship too much credit, ’cause I think that had a lot to do with it.  Somewhat unfortunately, I kind of do.  I saw exactly what I didn’t want to be, and my subconscious did the rest.  Least work for best result ever.  I feel like I have my shit together moreso now than any other time basically in my lifetime.  Sure, when school starts I’ll be an erratic mess, but until then…this feels good.

All right, so it’s word-learning time.  Here goes!

1. Platitude — trite or commonplace statement. When an attitude is platonic?  Platitude? Sans sex is boring. Heh.

2. Stint — to be thrifty.  You definitely don’t want to be stinty when doing stunts!

3. Striated — marked with parallel bands. Two words: rock strata. \m/

4. Uncouth — clumsy; dumb. Ooh! Easy one!  Today’s youth!

5. Subterfuge — evasion.  Submarines go underwater to evade.

6. Supercilious — careless contempt. Cilious = silly us.  If us = Mike,  and us = silly, then silly us are contemptuous and careless!

7. Tacit — understood. Okay, this one is a bit silly, but ta-SIT.  If you’re sitting, you’re UNDER STOOD.

8. Denigrating — belittling. Take out the “ni.”  Degrading.  Done.

9. Reverential — admiring. Since ‘reverent’ = ‘respect,’ if someone is respected, are they not usually also admired?

10.  Ebullient — bubbly with excitement. Prejudiciously (is that a word?), I can picture a person from the Middle East exclaiming how ‘ebullient’ they are in their basic monotonous tone. Thankyouverymuch, comeagainsoon.

11. Taciturn — stern; silent. Okay, so if ‘tacit’ means understood, then once you understand you are no longer inquisitive, and thus silent.  Perhaps even stern.

12. Tangential — digressing. WHY HAVE I LEARNED SO MANY WORDS FROM SAM?  ::exasperates::  Ahem.  I know this word because Sam taught it to me in a conversation about Chris.  /dieinatangentialfiresam

13. Tawdry — cheap. This is very “Lawn Guy Land.”  Something that is “tawdry” is “gawdy.”  Oh good lord, it hurts my soul.

14. Tempestruous — stormy; impassioned. Temps are kinda impassioned and stormy aren’t they?  Working for all of a week, but acting like they own the damn company.  Fucking temps.  (Sorry Miriam and Casey!)

15. Tenacious — holding fast. Holding fast to a D?  Is that what that band name is supposed to mean?  Wait a second…maybe that’s the persistent portion of the definitions.  But I guess holding fast and being persistent are kind of the same thing.  And I was complimented for that today, so who friggin’ knew? I’m tenacious!


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