Vocabulary, day 4.

15 new words! Aaaand…go!

1. Tantamount — equivalent in effect or value. Well, that’s kind of easy.  “Amount” is equal.

2. Sanguine — optimistic. Sangria, a word that I’m very much reminded of when I see ‘sanguine,’ makes people optimistic!  Lushes.

3. Lampooning — ridiculing. Instead of harpooning, the whalers simply tried to lower the whales’ self-esteem by lampooning.  Also, National Lampoon’s…anything.

4. Stipulate — to make express conditions. Thank you, law firm.  “Enclosed please find the proposed stipulations with regard to the contract of sale…”

5. Superfluous — more than what is needed. Super! There’s extra! Fluous! (For Us!)

6. Sardonic — sarcastic. Duh.

7. Stolid — dull; impassive. Stoics are pretty stolid, no?

8. Strut — a pompous walk. I’ve certainly never heard of any stupid whore “strutting her stuff.”

9. Supersede — to cause to be set back. I kind of thought this word meant more like ‘replace,’ but I guess replacing something might be a set back… I dunno.

10. Temerity — a foolish disregard of danger. ‘Temerity’ and ‘severity’ are quote close.  When there’s a severe situation, a temerous person would clearly disregard it.  Stupid fucker.

11. Supine — lying on the back. Supine is my favorite position.  Heh.

12. Spendthrift — someone who wastes money. When I spend my money at a thrift store, it’s usually a waste of money.

13. Spurious — not genuine. “Those spurs cannot be real?!”  “Yep. ” “Genuinely?!”

14. Stentorian — extremely loud. I imagine a stentorian to be the guy jousting with a lance.  I’m not sure why, but I do imagine that he would be quite loud.

15. Stigma — a token of disgrace. Stigmata are only for people who disgrace God and need “saving.”

In other news, I interviewed for a second job today with a psychologist (psychiatrist, maybe?).  The whole office is him, his wife and their office worker.  I want this job.  I would have to type from dictation, and type a lot.  Sounds good!  Start at $11/hour and get bonuses?  Count me in.

I also have an interview on Monday with a CPA, but both potential employers have expressed a concern with my length of employment with their office.  I don’t think I should go to the interview, but I’m probably going to go anyway, and if I get offered the job, I can decide then.  This place I went to today said if I was considering another job, to call them first, ’cause they might want to fight for me.  I’m good with that.  My confidence level was pretty heightened.

On an aside, I’m having a diner date with Cory tomorrow.  I’m not sure why I felt the need to get back in touch with him.  He asked, when we spoke this afternoon, but I didn’t really have a good answer for him.  I guess the most honest thing I can come up with is that he represents the type of person I particularly like.  He is going to Queens College to get a Masters in Elementary Education so he can become a teacher, he’s a writer, and he hates that technology is shutting off socialization.  I can only imagine him handling a meeting of Bone Crusher and Little Man like a champ.  But as usual, I’m getting wayyyyyy ahead of myself.  I have other things to worry about right now, like studying for this GRE.

Peace, ya’ll.


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