Vocabulary, day 3.

I learned 30 new words over the last two days.  I have decided tonight, as I am learning 15 more, to jot down my thought process to memorization.  So without further ado, here are tonight’s words, and the way I will recall them:

1. Homogeneous — of the same kind. Well, I kind of already knew this one, so I’ll just stick with the basic “homo” and call that a technique, though it isn’t really.

2. Perfidy — treachery.  I think of Merlin, because I can instantaneouly envision a scene in which some poor soul is kneeling in front of King Uther, being sentenced to death for perfidy. (He’s an unjust ruler; Morgana calls him a tyrant.)

3. Permeable — pourous, penetrable. This is a lucky vocab night, apparently.  I knew this one already as well.  Soil is permeable.  Sponges are permeable.

4. Pernicious — tending to kill or hunt. I’m not 100% sure how to say this word, so I say per-nih-SHUS, and think of being ferociously hunting something (or someone, for that matter).

5. Pervasive — spread throughout. I feel like I should know this one already, but I will certainly remember it due to PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder).  Now that I understand it’s meaning, I feel worse for Autistic people.

6. Phlegmatic — not easily roused to feeling or emotion. Chris is phlegmatic.  There; that was easy.  (Sorry, Chris.  If it weren’t the case, I’d be begging to be with you forever.)

7. Redress — to set right by compensation or punishment. This is silly, but I’m going to picture Lady Morgana in a red dress.  She was “set right” by spending a night in the dungeon, cuffs chafing her wrists.  Poor girl.  Maybe she’ll be compensated with a nice red dress.

8. Reprobate — a sinful and depraved person. Someone sinful and depraved should be reprogrammed, so knowing that, ‘reprobate’ should easily trigger the similar term.

9. Repudiate — to refuse to have anything to do with. Hrm, I think I’ll think of the French.  They want nothing to do with Americans.  And as that comedian I watched last week mimicked, “Pew, Pew, stupid American’s.”  RePEWdiate.

10. Rescind — to void by enacting authority. Luck strikes again! I know this word as well.  I rescind statements all the time, though not usually through authoritative action.

11. Reticent — reserved; inclined to silence. Being phlegmatic, Mr. John was often thought of as retiscent.  On several occassions, some folks weren’t even aware he was at the party.  (I’m sorry; I’m an asshole.  I don’t actually mean these things, they’re just tools to help my memory.  And what better way to forget someone I can’t stop loving?  Le sigh.)  Better example!  Reticent…like, penny for your thoughts, since you’re so silent!!!

12. Unerringly — infallibility. This is a pretty logical link, if I do say so.  Un = non/not; err = mistake.

13. Reverent — respectful. Someone who is revered is respected.  NEXT!

14. Zealot — fanatic. Sure, I should already have this one committed to memory as well, but though I played it off nicely, my vocabulary still kind of sucked.  Anyway, people who like things ALOT (I know, I know, it’s not one word) are fanatics.  Simple enough.

15. Zeitgeist — the intellectual and moral tendencies of any age/time. Sam and I had made this a “word of the day” once.  I don’t think he should be allowed to have words of the day when he doesn’t know what they mean.  Speaking of Sam and moral tendencies… (Heh. Good enough for my memory!)

All righty. These words aren’t going to memorize themselves, so it’s off to stare at them for another 15-20 minutes, and then read some more of Game of Thrones.  Hopefully I’ll get farther than three pages tonight, as I haven’t been able to the past few nights due to exhaustion.

Back tomorrow for Vocab Day 4.


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