the "good days" keep on comin’

Let’s see, I got maybe all of three hours of sleep last night, after taking a three hour nap (through the Yankee game–falling asleep in the second inning and waking up for the post-game wrap up), but I woke up, had some freshly made pancakes (thanks, dad!) and coffee, then spoke with Verizon to see my options for getting off Chris’s phone plan (has it been 5 months? whoops?). Lynn chimed in to remind me of a conversation we must have had about joining their plan and making a family one. So after some quick (okay, it took us a little while) calculations, we found it was advantageous for me to join in, with them only paying an extra thirty bucks a month or so. I’m not sure if I’ll have to toss them the cash, but thirty is better than the seventy I’d be paying were I to go solo. So, basically, win.

Lynn asked if I would go with her to take the dogs to get their nails cut, so I agreed. Three dogs, two women and one five-year old filed into the truck and went on a nail-cutting adventure. It actually worked out well. I wish I could have held my Casey while she tried to get away from the event, but I was there, so I felt better about that at least.

KJ and I played army for a little while, until it was time for him to gear up for tee-ball team photos. I was getting my things together, but my dad tossed me a coach’s shirt to denote I was in, if I wanted to be, on team photos. That made me happy, so I went with. Ten out of the thirteen kids showed up, and it was a pleasure to see them in a non-game environment, despite their still being in their uniforms. Anyways, the team photo itself should be adorable: my dad, myself and ten 5-and-6-year olds. Glorious!

I headed off to work following the photo shoot, where I spent almost two hours filing. This was my plan — I was coming in just to file. The pile was huge, but I did EOBs first, then alphabatized the rest, then filed everything. I managed to find all but three files. One of them I’m almost certain is out of the office, so in essence, I’m actually only missing two files. This is a much better record than the last time I tried filing, wherein I was missing a ton.

After the work interlude, I came home and napped for a while, trying to catch myself up on the lost sleep of the night before. I stumbled out of bed just before six, showered, cleaned up my clothes and stuff lying around and chatted with mom while I did my hair and makeup. MD picked me up at seven and took me to an Italian restaurant in Babylon, which was quite nice. I feel the spiteful urge to write, “I haven’t had good conversation and laughed in a long time,” so there it is. But in actuality, I’m not an asshole, and that’s not true. Anyways, it still was good conversation and laughs and such. I’m invited to Wildwood in August. I’m supposed to get on a roller coaster. I need to get on getting that tattoo I’ve always wanted. Aside from these things, if MD seeks to change anything about me, he’s done for. But they aren’t person-compromising, so I think I’m okay with them … for now.

After dinner, which included a fabulous desert of a “Bomba” — chocolate & vanilla gelato with a cherry center covered with a dark chocolate shell — I stopped home to change into something a little more comfortable and then went to MD’s sister’s apartment. Both sisters & brother-in-laws (well, one’s a to-be, but the other is already) were there. Lisa & Gary came by, which I imagine was kind of because usually MD goes out with them on Saturday nights. We basically all sat around drinking beer, daqueris, or wine and watching True Blood episodes and then Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. [[Side note: I love you, Neil Patrick Harris.]] We chatted and laughed and just hung out. It wasn’t awkward at all, and I couldn’t help but think I could settle in there fairly easily.

So it turns out Gary & Lisa are celebrating something of someone’s tomorrow at the Beer Garden. They were in the process of inviting MD when my attention was caught, mostly due to the fact that I’ll be in Astoria tomorrow afternoon/early evening helping BGM and Rob move. I all but invited myself to the Beer Garden, but I know MD would not only not mind, but would be thrilled were I there. So technically I will probably see him tomorrow. Aside from the little “we haven’t really done anything yet” awkward, I’m comfortable with that. I might be too exhausted to stay very long, but I’ll at least make an effort. Beer Garden new memories take 2: new relationship memories. Hopefully a person or two from the Astoria gang will be willing to come by with me so someone can actually give me an opinion of the boy and I can prove I have freinds. Heh. I think I scared MD though, by explaining some of the snobby ways of that group. I was embellishing slightly, I think, but I do that in my head anyways.

For now, sleep is beckoning. I’m already thinking about the next few days: Sunday-the move, Beer Garden; Monday-Verizon store with Lynn, work, visiting post-surgery Juliette & maybe making her some dinner; Tuesday-work, then a break? nah, probably seeing MD; Wednesday-work, then treking to the Bronx to go to a Yankee game with Tom; Thursday-aside from work, probably nothing, maybe relaxing; Friday-work, tee-ball, staying at dad’s. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it all!

‘Night, kiddies. Here’s to getting my move on with six hours of sleep under my belt. Hrm, I wonder if BGM & Rob will let me take a nap in their new pad…


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