Heh. Quickie.

…anyways, It’s like three hours past my bedtime (for tonight, at least), so Im’a make this quick.

– created yet another alt, this time on Deathwing, to play with MD the newb and his sister, soon to be brother-in-law and already brother-in-law. Figured I’d try to make a new shadow priest, but I know that’ll get old at some point. I could just PCT the one on CC, but I kinda like playing with Mike, Rob, Jesse and such. Not that I do often, just that I could. And I would make a little “linda-rule” that I would not be on when my nemesis was. Simple as that.

– I’m pretty sure I was going to do something productive tonight, like clean something or finish my book, or look into grad schools, but nah. MD said he was playing so I found the group and joined in. Must’ve played for, oh, I dunno, three hours. Sheesh. Only level 8. Lamez0rs.

– Tomorrow I’m going to try to get to work at around 8:30 in the morning…which puts me at about 4 hours of sleep. I’m okay with that, mostly because of the three hour nap I took earlier. Whoops. Still loves me some napping.

– Tee-ball too, if it doesn’t rain. Supposed to be some scattered thunderstorms. My favorite. (And no, that wasn’t sarcasm.) I’m gonna stay at dad’s, play some WoW, get on learning the whole Yankee lineup thing, and finish my book. Goals for tomorrow, huzzah.

– I’m also going to try to start using my Daily Spark book for Journal Writing. I bought that thing back when Rob & I lived in BK, and I think I may have even started using it. But it’s so long ago, that any record is probably gone anyway. Not to mention my memory is so shot, I probably won’t recall what I wrote in the first place.

– Not sure if I actually ever noted this, but I got four As and one A minus this semester. So it’s easy to see that my shitty life last semester was the cause of my crappy Bs. I think I might take Mood Disorders again. But I guess that would be in my last semester anyway, ’cause I’ve got this upcoming one already situated. I’m taking: Natural Disasters, Environmental History, Politics and Society, Psychology of Prejudice and Drugs & the Brain. Know what’s funny? I feel like Chris & I would probably be better for each other now than we ever were. S’a shame that ship sailed and it’ll never come back ’round. I mean, there are certain things we probably could just never get past, but the more I “find myself,” the more I find we’d actually have a lot in common. Heh. Go figure. In any event, I kind of like being the secure one. Not that I expect that to last forever, just that it’s adorable to watch someone play the role of “Linda.”

– Alright, sleep. Let’s do this.


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