A "good day."

Today, albeit a busy day, qualifies as a good one. I was at our Lake Success office at 10:30am and done at 2:30pm. Having forgotten my gigantic local clams and pasta, made for me by my new office manger, I ventured out to Stony Brook to collect my yummy treat. I stopped to work for about two hours, but it was okay, because I got a lot done and I’m prepared for tomorrow. Also, I guess it can also be looked at like I made a bunch of money.

Anyways, I brought my delicious meal home, heated it up and had it for dinner at 7. Then I went to get Mike from the train station and bring him to Liz’s to pick up the new member of his & Jenny’s family, N00b (which I will not spell without zeros, ever, no matter how incorrect it might be). I drove them back to Astoria and when I went to text Liz that they were home safe & sound, I had a text from Raab, telling me he thought I’d be out (and he had a cookie for me). Since I was but blocks away, I stopped by McGinty’s for two (yes, only two) drinks. It was initially a small group of people in honor of Joe’s visit, but it quickly dwindled down to Raab, BGM, Ricky and myself, where we shared another drink (the second one), some silly laughs, and good times.

I stopped for street meat before heading home, mostly because the last time I did that, I did not get to enjoy it and had to throw it out the next day. On the trip home, I sought out MD via text. Thought about texting SH too, but I reallllllly don’t want to do that. So I asked MD about a hang-out offer I had received from a mutual friend, to see if it sounded like he was asking me on a date, which we agreed. MD said he should tell him to keep his hands off of his kool-aid. A little (girly) party of me went, “eep! he called me his kool-aid!” followed by some weird “it’s new, and it’s not really anything just yet,” emotion. I let it go at that and didn’t respond to that particular message, but another one, and we said “good night,” and stopped chatting.

I need to talk to Alex. She thinks MD is bad people (or maybe just bad people for me), though I’m not entirely sure that’s true. Laying it out (briefly) for Joana, it seems like we have a lot in common. But, for some reason, I’m hesitant. I think it’s the “it never friggin’ works out” fear, but some of it is, “don’t rush shit, Linda.” I clearly make that mistake wayyyy too often, and I think he does too. Oh well, maybe it’s time I find someone else that does that, so we can be foolish together.

Orrrrr maybe I should shutthefuckup, enjoy life, and stop worrying about stupid boys. Yeah. Yeah, I’ll do that.

…but….but he called me his “kool-aid.”


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