Now I must be EXTRA stupid.

I didn’t get uber-angry, or come up with some way to “trick” a response. But I’m a big fan of understanding, and if something goes awry, I want to know why. Even if it’s entirely my fault, or even if it isn’t something that can be fixed, or even if it makes me feel bad, I still want to know. So I asked. And I offered that answering me would get rid of me faster. And then I poked, but not in a naggy way, in a “duuuuuuude wtf?!” way. And, forgetting I changed my WoW toon name, I said ‘hi’ in game. Then had to explain who I was. Whoops. No real getting out of that one, so seeing as I was getting a response, I did the “WTF?” thing. I got some answers. Not particularly good ones, but not particularly bad ones. I threw the stupid ball at him, and said, “whatever.” The part that kills me was this was in game. I still can’t get over that. Anyways, it’ll be what it’ll be, I guess, even if that’s plain ol’ nothing. I’m not a huge fan of not having that control to decide if it’ll be anything, but I’m not shutting myself off to the rest of the world either. I just…kinda liked him, is all.

In the realm of things that are part of my normal life, tee-ball was exceptionally fun today. It was allllmost rained out again (today was a makeup game). The other team had maybe 6 kids show, while we had about 9 (out of 13). The kids had a “tickle the helmet coach” moment, until I called “tickle break.” Kellen was a monster that needed less sugar or a tranq shot or something, but he makes me so happy. Cole cried because I “moved his spot,” in the lineup, which was adorable. Every kid loves to bat last and hit a “home run,” except Cole, who couldn’t understand the concept of ‘rotation’ and why we were doing it. I wanted to hug him and squeeze him and tell him he could bat anywhere he wanted in the lineup. Of course, when he realized last was, like, a cool spot to be in, he wanted back in. Dad’s a little hard him, though, but I liked the way he said, pitching the ball to his son, “swing hard, like you want to kill me.” Maybe that’s ’cause I’m just a teeny bit screwy in the head.

My dad, on the other hand, complimented my LI song and discussed Tim’s comment about adding harmonica & bass. This is a little very weird for me. I feel like Tim should maybe stick around in my life, though I sent him a response explaining that I didn’t think we’d be “good” together. He wanted to know why, and the part of me that wants to know why about stuff (see above) answered him, ’cause it was fair to, and I respected that. Anyways, dad wants to mix other stuff into my song, and was really proud of me, and well…that made me happy too. I kinda like my family now.

Oh, and side note? Love achievements; love daily quests; need intervention.


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