all over the place.

Here’s another one of those random blogs.

– Wanted to take a Positive Psych summer course online, but really don’t want to give up my summer. So I’m not.

– Poof-be-gone situation #2. So much for the “begging for a chance” of February/March. Fuck men.

– An ex is fucking a friend. They knew each other before he & I or she & I had met, but still. The ex is no longer my friend now. Especially after the gossip bullshit came out last night drinking with a friend that was my BFF in high school, and now works with the ex.

– I don’t feel like being around people anymore. Selfish, nasty creatures. Right now I’d like to put three or four of them into a flesh-barrel and set it on fucking fire. So douchebags and weasels and liars can burn eternal.

– Now to return to my regularly scheduled beating-the-fuck-out-of things on my computer. Today, Blizzard, you can be my friend.


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