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the "good days" keep on comin’

Let’s see, I got maybe all of three hours of sleep last night, after taking a three hour nap (through the Yankee game–falling asleep in the second inning and waking up for the post-game wrap up), but I woke up, had some freshly made pancakes (thanks, dad!) and coffee, then spoke with Verizon to see my options for getting off Chris’s phone plan (has it been 5 months? whoops?). Lynn chimed in to remind me of a conversation we must have had about joining their plan and making a family one. So after some quick (okay, it took us a little while) calculations, we found it was advantageous for me to join in, with them only paying an extra thirty bucks a month or so. I’m not sure if I’ll have to toss them the cash, but thirty is better than the seventy I’d be paying were I to go solo. So, basically, win.

Lynn asked if I would go with her to take the dogs to get their nails cut, so I agreed. Three dogs, two women and one five-year old filed into the truck and went on a nail-cutting adventure. It actually worked out well. I wish I could have held my Casey while she tried to get away from the event, but I was there, so I felt better about that at least.

KJ and I played army for a little while, until it was time for him to gear up for tee-ball team photos. I was getting my things together, but my dad tossed me a coach’s shirt to denote I was in, if I wanted to be, on team photos. That made me happy, so I went with. Ten out of the thirteen kids showed up, and it was a pleasure to see them in a non-game environment, despite their still being in their uniforms. Anyways, the team photo itself should be adorable: my dad, myself and ten 5-and-6-year olds. Glorious!

I headed off to work following the photo shoot, where I spent almost two hours filing. This was my plan — I was coming in just to file. The pile was huge, but I did EOBs first, then alphabatized the rest, then filed everything. I managed to find all but three files. One of them I’m almost certain is out of the office, so in essence, I’m actually only missing two files. This is a much better record than the last time I tried filing, wherein I was missing a ton.

After the work interlude, I came home and napped for a while, trying to catch myself up on the lost sleep of the night before. I stumbled out of bed just before six, showered, cleaned up my clothes and stuff lying around and chatted with mom while I did my hair and makeup. MD picked me up at seven and took me to an Italian restaurant in Babylon, which was quite nice. I feel the spiteful urge to write, “I haven’t had good conversation and laughed in a long time,” so there it is. But in actuality, I’m not an asshole, and that’s not true. Anyways, it still was good conversation and laughs and such. I’m invited to Wildwood in August. I’m supposed to get on a roller coaster. I need to get on getting that tattoo I’ve always wanted. Aside from these things, if MD seeks to change anything about me, he’s done for. But they aren’t person-compromising, so I think I’m okay with them … for now.

After dinner, which included a fabulous desert of a “Bomba” — chocolate & vanilla gelato with a cherry center covered with a dark chocolate shell — I stopped home to change into something a little more comfortable and then went to MD’s sister’s apartment. Both sisters & brother-in-laws (well, one’s a to-be, but the other is already) were there. Lisa & Gary came by, which I imagine was kind of because usually MD goes out with them on Saturday nights. We basically all sat around drinking beer, daqueris, or wine and watching True Blood episodes and then Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. [[Side note: I love you, Neil Patrick Harris.]] We chatted and laughed and just hung out. It wasn’t awkward at all, and I couldn’t help but think I could settle in there fairly easily.

So it turns out Gary & Lisa are celebrating something of someone’s tomorrow at the Beer Garden. They were in the process of inviting MD when my attention was caught, mostly due to the fact that I’ll be in Astoria tomorrow afternoon/early evening helping BGM and Rob move. I all but invited myself to the Beer Garden, but I know MD would not only not mind, but would be thrilled were I there. So technically I will probably see him tomorrow. Aside from the little “we haven’t really done anything yet” awkward, I’m comfortable with that. I might be too exhausted to stay very long, but I’ll at least make an effort. Beer Garden new memories take 2: new relationship memories. Hopefully a person or two from the Astoria gang will be willing to come by with me so someone can actually give me an opinion of the boy and I can prove I have freinds. Heh. I think I scared MD though, by explaining some of the snobby ways of that group. I was embellishing slightly, I think, but I do that in my head anyways.

For now, sleep is beckoning. I’m already thinking about the next few days: Sunday-the move, Beer Garden; Monday-Verizon store with Lynn, work, visiting post-surgery Juliette & maybe making her some dinner; Tuesday-work, then a break? nah, probably seeing MD; Wednesday-work, then treking to the Bronx to go to a Yankee game with Tom; Thursday-aside from work, probably nothing, maybe relaxing; Friday-work, tee-ball, staying at dad’s. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it all!

‘Night, kiddies. Here’s to getting my move on with six hours of sleep under my belt. Hrm, I wonder if BGM & Rob will let me take a nap in their new pad…


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Heh. Quickie.

…anyways, It’s like three hours past my bedtime (for tonight, at least), so Im’a make this quick.

– created yet another alt, this time on Deathwing, to play with MD the newb and his sister, soon to be brother-in-law and already brother-in-law. Figured I’d try to make a new shadow priest, but I know that’ll get old at some point. I could just PCT the one on CC, but I kinda like playing with Mike, Rob, Jesse and such. Not that I do often, just that I could. And I would make a little “linda-rule” that I would not be on when my nemesis was. Simple as that.

– I’m pretty sure I was going to do something productive tonight, like clean something or finish my book, or look into grad schools, but nah. MD said he was playing so I found the group and joined in. Must’ve played for, oh, I dunno, three hours. Sheesh. Only level 8. Lamez0rs.

– Tomorrow I’m going to try to get to work at around 8:30 in the morning…which puts me at about 4 hours of sleep. I’m okay with that, mostly because of the three hour nap I took earlier. Whoops. Still loves me some napping.

– Tee-ball too, if it doesn’t rain. Supposed to be some scattered thunderstorms. My favorite. (And no, that wasn’t sarcasm.) I’m gonna stay at dad’s, play some WoW, get on learning the whole Yankee lineup thing, and finish my book. Goals for tomorrow, huzzah.

– I’m also going to try to start using my Daily Spark book for Journal Writing. I bought that thing back when Rob & I lived in BK, and I think I may have even started using it. But it’s so long ago, that any record is probably gone anyway. Not to mention my memory is so shot, I probably won’t recall what I wrote in the first place.

– Not sure if I actually ever noted this, but I got four As and one A minus this semester. So it’s easy to see that my shitty life last semester was the cause of my crappy Bs. I think I might take Mood Disorders again. But I guess that would be in my last semester anyway, ’cause I’ve got this upcoming one already situated. I’m taking: Natural Disasters, Environmental History, Politics and Society, Psychology of Prejudice and Drugs & the Brain. Know what’s funny? I feel like Chris & I would probably be better for each other now than we ever were. S’a shame that ship sailed and it’ll never come back ’round. I mean, there are certain things we probably could just never get past, but the more I “find myself,” the more I find we’d actually have a lot in common. Heh. Go figure. In any event, I kind of like being the secure one. Not that I expect that to last forever, just that it’s adorable to watch someone play the role of “Linda.”

– Alright, sleep. Let’s do this.

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But seriously…

Tomorrow I go on a date. Like a real one, with a guy I like, that thinks I’m fucking awesome. I tried to tell him I wasn’t, but I couldn’t even convince myself. I actually don’t even know if I’m going on a date. I know we’re getting together. I know I met his sisters, and I love them. I know things could go really fast, but I won’t let them. I’m scared out of my fucking mind.

Scared of what? Who the hell knows. I make a fool out of myself? …whatever. I offend him? …could I really? It doesn’t work? …wouldn’t be the first time. So why why why???

Jo thinks this crushing part is the best part, but I don’t know. I kind of like the comfortable stuff without the awkward wondering and whatnot. Will I get “you’re so great” text messages forever? Probably not, but those die down in any relationship, I think. And if they don’t…auto-keeper. ❀ affection. ❀ you to death.

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I just can’t help but laugh. See the lead singer in this song? In January, I was enamored by him. In February, I couldn’t get him off my back. I just think it’s hilarious how much sex changes opinions. My crazy Valentine. Eh, I got roses.

I could tell stories, but I’ll spare Mr. Ryan. If he hasn’t stolen one (or several) of my songs by now, I think I’ll give him permission to play them. So long as it doesn’t come with dating!

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Starting to see a connection…

I had a phenomenal weekend. So much so that I’m doing something I seem to do when I get scared. I start going over ’07-’09 again. I get sad. I listen to horrible music, like Quote by Evans Blue:

Quote, you are my soul, unquote
Now does that sound familiar?
Kiss the boy and make him feel this way

Quote, well this is me, unquote
You have been so ugly your entire life
So why change now?

Is this how you want to go down?
Right before my eyes
You are the saddest sight I know
You’re quiet; you never make a sound
But here inside my mind you are the loudest one I know

Quote, we never talk, unquote
And that’s when I don’t answer
Don’t you dare ask why
Because you don’t want to know

Quote, well woe is me, unquote
How different I’ve become
And no one understands, my dear, no one really cares

And you were right, right from the start
It took everything you had, but you finally broke my…

And now the old things will pass away
I saw your light once
Did you see mine?
But not all things will pass away
You turned your light off
So I turned mine, away from your sadness, away from the nothing that you feel for me

Is this how you want to go down?
Right before my eyes, you are the saddest sight, I know
You’re so quiet and you never make a sound
But here inside my mind you are the loudest one, I know
And you were right, right from the start, it took everything you had, but you finally broke my …

Quote, hey listen ’cause I’ll only say this once
I finally found the words
That mean enough to me
Good bye my soul, unquote

I’m starting to think this is some kind of mechanism my brain turns on to create defenses. Last time I did this I had decided I liked SH and wanted to let go of my past bullshit and worry only about the future. Should have made that the present, but better off I didn’t, or I’d be just another stupid girl.

Anyway, I’m 116% certain MD is nothing like SH. The things that made SH appealing made him a douchebag. The things that make MD appealing are the things that should. I don’t think I’ll go into this stuff right now, because part of me is convinced he’s found this blog and simply going to sit there and read what I think about him before actually hearing it from me. Then again, the way I work he’ll hear it wayyyyyyyyy later, ’cause I’ll keep it all safely stored in defensive-land, where my dominating thought is, “I don’t even know you.” It’s a bad sign when you meet a sister or two and immediately think, “don’t like her; it’ll just be more difficult later.” Or, hell, maybe it’s a good sign.

Well, he’s now aware I have stupid emotional baggage that I’m purging. That’s…um…good? Fuck, man, who cares? He stays, he goes, what does it matter? But he gets it. And maybe it’s cause of where he is right now, because that would explain everything (I’ve been there, I know), but regardless of why, I think I’m pretty lucky right now. I should think about that and maybe consider getting some sleep. Stupid naps.

In closing, more Evans Blue:

if it’s no ones fault, there’s just no one to blame
and nothing to say
this time it’s no one’s fault, so there’s nothing to save
and no one to hate
but I want to so bad…believe me

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A "good day."

Today, albeit a busy day, qualifies as a good one. I was at our Lake Success office at 10:30am and done at 2:30pm. Having forgotten my gigantic local clams and pasta, made for me by my new office manger, I ventured out to Stony Brook to collect my yummy treat. I stopped to work for about two hours, but it was okay, because I got a lot done and I’m prepared for tomorrow. Also, I guess it can also be looked at like I made a bunch of money.

Anyways, I brought my delicious meal home, heated it up and had it for dinner at 7. Then I went to get Mike from the train station and bring him to Liz’s to pick up the new member of his & Jenny’s family, N00b (which I will not spell without zeros, ever, no matter how incorrect it might be). I drove them back to Astoria and when I went to text Liz that they were home safe & sound, I had a text from Raab, telling me he thought I’d be out (and he had a cookie for me). Since I was but blocks away, I stopped by McGinty’s for two (yes, only two) drinks. It was initially a small group of people in honor of Joe’s visit, but it quickly dwindled down to Raab, BGM, Ricky and myself, where we shared another drink (the second one), some silly laughs, and good times.

I stopped for street meat before heading home, mostly because the last time I did that, I did not get to enjoy it and had to throw it out the next day. On the trip home, I sought out MD via text. Thought about texting SH too, but I reallllllly don’t want to do that. So I asked MD about a hang-out offer I had received from a mutual friend, to see if it sounded like he was asking me on a date, which we agreed. MD said he should tell him to keep his hands off of his kool-aid. A little (girly) party of me went, “eep! he called me his kool-aid!” followed by some weird “it’s new, and it’s not really anything just yet,” emotion. I let it go at that and didn’t respond to that particular message, but another one, and we said “good night,” and stopped chatting.

I need to talk to Alex. She thinks MD is bad people (or maybe just bad people for me), though I’m not entirely sure that’s true. Laying it out (briefly) for Joana, it seems like we have a lot in common. But, for some reason, I’m hesitant. I think it’s the “it never friggin’ works out” fear, but some of it is, “don’t rush shit, Linda.” I clearly make that mistake wayyyy too often, and I think he does too. Oh well, maybe it’s time I find someone else that does that, so we can be foolish together.

Orrrrr maybe I should shutthefuckup, enjoy life, and stop worrying about stupid boys. Yeah. Yeah, I’ll do that.

…but….but he called me his “kool-aid.”

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Now I must be EXTRA stupid.

I didn’t get uber-angry, or come up with some way to “trick” a response. But I’m a big fan of understanding, and if something goes awry, I want to know why. Even if it’s entirely my fault, or even if it isn’t something that can be fixed, or even if it makes me feel bad, I still want to know. So I asked. And I offered that answering me would get rid of me faster. And then I poked, but not in a naggy way, in a “duuuuuuude wtf?!” way. And, forgetting I changed my WoW toon name, I said ‘hi’ in game. Then had to explain who I was. Whoops. No real getting out of that one, so seeing as I was getting a response, I did the “WTF?” thing. I got some answers. Not particularly good ones, but not particularly bad ones. I threw the stupid ball at him, and said, “whatever.” The part that kills me was this was in game. I still can’t get over that. Anyways, it’ll be what it’ll be, I guess, even if that’s plain ol’ nothing. I’m not a huge fan of not having that control to decide if it’ll be anything, but I’m not shutting myself off to the rest of the world either. I just…kinda liked him, is all.

In the realm of things that are part of my normal life, tee-ball was exceptionally fun today. It was allllmost rained out again (today was a makeup game). The other team had maybe 6 kids show, while we had about 9 (out of 13). The kids had a “tickle the helmet coach” moment, until I called “tickle break.” Kellen was a monster that needed less sugar or a tranq shot or something, but he makes me so happy. Cole cried because I “moved his spot,” in the lineup, which was adorable. Every kid loves to bat last and hit a “home run,” except Cole, who couldn’t understand the concept of ‘rotation’ and why we were doing it. I wanted to hug him and squeeze him and tell him he could bat anywhere he wanted in the lineup. Of course, when he realized last was, like, a cool spot to be in, he wanted back in. Dad’s a little hard him, though, but I liked the way he said, pitching the ball to his son, “swing hard, like you want to kill me.” Maybe that’s ’cause I’m just a teeny bit screwy in the head.

My dad, on the other hand, complimented my LI song and discussed Tim’s comment about adding harmonica & bass. This is a little very weird for me. I feel like Tim should maybe stick around in my life, though I sent him a response explaining that I didn’t think we’d be “good” together. He wanted to know why, and the part of me that wants to know why about stuff (see above) answered him, ’cause it was fair to, and I respected that. Anyways, dad wants to mix other stuff into my song, and was really proud of me, and well…that made me happy too. I kinda like my family now.

Oh, and side note? Love achievements; love daily quests; need intervention.

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