Life = good.

I accidentally slept through Friday night, but that’s okay, because I think I may have caught up on the whole sleep deprivation thing.

Saturday, I ran around like a crazy woman:
– went to our LS office for an hour & showed my receptionist how to do something billing-related, then hung out with two patients in the waiting room for an hour.
– came home and read for school in the sun for an hour.
– haircut w/ Tracy (the best!) who actually knows how to thin hair, unlike the last girl I saw at LT — now I don’t have to poke at Chris to get back into Bb., or pay $150 bucks for a haircut.
– came back home and did a little more homework, then was accompanied by my 11-year old neighbor, Des, to play with my keyboard while I cleaned my room up and swept and swiffered the floor.
– headed out to dad’s with a friend for his bar/cocktail party. Cousin Scott & family came. One other friend of mine came. Still good with dad & Lynn’s friends/co-workers and some family and some friends.
– got home ’round 11, had a “good night,” passed out.

Today is proving to be nice and relaxing, save for the homework I have planned. Played a lil’ WoW for an hour or two (finally got an updated TomTom mod and fixed my bars). For the last hour or so, I’ve just been bullshitting with the neighbors who have been doing work in my kitchen.

I’ll have to start writing my song and paper for LI History at some point soon. But first, I think I’ll just do my RA work and code for an hour or two. Then again, with all of these people here, I’m not entirely sure I could concentrate. I’ve been typing this for probably an hour, and you can see how long it isn’t. Maybe I’ll log back onto WoW for another hour or so. πŸ˜‰

w00t. good times.


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