(Un)Comfortably Dependent

My “Gone” post made me incredibly uncomfortable. I know this is going to come out all crypic and whatnot, but what makes that little switch go from “could totally give a fuck” to “omg pay attention to meeeeeee!”? No, seriously. I tried to blame PMS, but I’m not entirely sure I even can. What’s the difference between yesterday and today? NOTHING. Oh wait- yes, there was a small break where I wasn’t the center of the fucking universe. Oh. My. God. Linda. Get the hell over yourself.

Funny, Chris said that lotsa times, I was just too ignorant to even care. Ah, well. Who’s the wiser? Me. ‘Cause I’m paying fucking attention now.

Joana is right (which is evident because she gets her best advice from me-heh), and I’m glad she made me open my mouth. I will not be needy and annoying ever again. You hear that, universe? EVAR! So bug off.

Ironically, I was told to “be myself” tonight. I still can’t get past the fact that I found “myself” (again?) so goddamn recently. But hell, if I’m better for it, then fuck man, I’m better.


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