Happy Halloween!

What a day & it’s only 9am!

I leave the apartment, walk the 100 feet to the end of the block and turn the corner. As I approach the next street, a school bus turns off of it and two girls scream out of a back window “Happy Halloween!” Without a thought, I waved and screamed it back. I wasn’t really expecting myself to respond, so I was a little taken aback when I heard the words & the cheeriness come out of my mouth.

I get to my car and head towards the GCP. After sitting at the light on Jewel at the GCP for what feels like minutes (it’s a pretty quick light generally), I realize the light just isn’t changing. So, for the first time ever, I honk with an effective purpose, and people moved. I made my right turn and grabbed up my cell phone. I dialed “311” and reported the light. Again, something I really wasn’t expecting me to do, but before I could realize what I was doing, the words, “Hi, I’d just like to report a malfunctioning traffic light,” were coming out of my mouth. Of course I had to be transferred to another department to tell the same story all over again, but ultimately, the report was made. Hooray good deed! (Kind of, at least.)

Immediately after hanging up the phone, I notice one of those traffic-alert signs that then read, “Delays Ahead Exit 23 to 24.” No big deal, I thought. Just one exit. That’s never too bad. However, we basically stopped near exit 24, and I noted how odd that was. So I began paying attention, and the next clue I noticed was there were no cars on the westbound side of the highway, leading me to conclude that they had actually closed the highway.

As it turns out, they did. Exit 24 westbound on the Grand Central Parkway this morning was closed. The accident? A car, a truck and a police car. It was an absolutely horrible thing to have happpened, but the coolest thing to witness. I tried to get a picture, which I will attempt to upload this weekend. Of course, I hope everyone was okay. But what an interesting morning!

Here’s to having a good night following a good day — because my theory on not being able to have both has needed to be disproven. So there.


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