Good things.

1. I got an A on a test I took on Monday in my class on Germany. I got a B on my last test, and this one counts for more. See, when life isn’t so horrible, my grades don’t completely suck.

2. Barack Obama made me cry tonight. I know this doesn’t come across as a good thing, but with six days left ’till the election, and a ton of things to do for school, I will make an effort to get that man the vote. I believe him. I don’t usually believe politicians, but I sincerely believe this man is fighting for something we do, in fact, need. Something to bring this country back on its feet and stop it from heading somewhere noone has seen since the 1930’s. I know the odds for him suck despite the polls. I know I’ve never voted, and therefore have never had the right to complain. But this time is different. This time it doesn’t just feel like fancy rhetoric. I believe in Barack Obama. Anyone, everyone, please vote for this man on Tuesday.

3. The Phillies just won the world series! This shouldn’t technically make me happy, as I’m a Yankees fan, but I have a few friends from Philly and I know how excited they are (shout outs to ‘Stine, Case, Josh & B!). I am incredilbly happy for the team and for their fans.

A side story: I was studying for my history test tomorrow and watching the game with little cartoon dudes on It was the top of the 9th, 2 out, runner on 2nd and 2 strikes to the pinch hitter the Rays put in. Tim turns to me at that moment and says, “did your internet just cut out?” WHAT?! It did. I didn’t actually get to see the final pitch, even if it was in cartoon form, because our router chose that moment to crash. It came back up just in time to see the “Phillies Win!” captions. I laughed for minutes.

4. Chris is helping me make my costume tomorrow. We’re going to go to Michael’s and get some stuff to make me a wand and a crown. The fact that he offered to do this for me makes me feel loved. Not that I question if I am. Just that it’s nice to feel.

5. Halloween is Friday! Sure, I don’t have any candy, but maybe I’ll grab a bag or two tomorrow–just in case. Maybe kids in Queens don’t trick-or-treat, but I’d rather have extra to eat in the apartment than not have some for the kiddies if they do swing by. But then I get to dress up and go out, with Chris, and potentially sing me some karaoke.

6. I bought Chris a present. It takes place next Friday. I’m afraid that’s all I can divulge at this time. More later.

7. Joana asked me if I wanted to go see the Radio City Spectacular Holiday Show next month. I’ve never been, and for 40 bucks, I’m soooooo there.

So now I’ve spent most of my night watching Barack, the Phillies and writing this. I’m going to go devote an hour or so to studying for tomorrow’s exam, then try to get a decent night’s sleep.

It’s nice to have good things to say. I like the way this feels.



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2 responses to “Good things.

  1. Ryan

    Good to see that you are doing well in your classes. You’re so smart, I don’t know why you’d ever be upset with your grades!

  2. The Improper Philadelphian

    Did you ever get to see the Rockettes? I love it, so cheesy, but great.

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