fantasy dream.

Well, kind of.
It starts here, in Forest Hills. Kind of.
Several of us –mostly Chris’s family though, I believe — are in what feels like an inn. It’s as if we’re in some kind of cross between Ireland (where I’ve never been, so I may just be talking out of my ass here) and New York City. Chris says something in an upstairs bedroom that I don’t particularly care for, so I head downstairs, into a main room. I settle off to the side, in what could be considered a kitchen in a small apartment, but doesn’t feel like a kitchen in this instance. I sit on a regular plastic/metal chair and wait.

A few minutes pass, and Rachel comes over and stands behind me. She starts telling me stories about her hair, and how she had formerly cut it, or style it, or whathaveyou. I feel a brush being pulled through my hair and I realize she might have thought I was sitting there waiting for her to cut my hair. But the brush feels amazing, so I continue to listen to her talk, and wonder how I would ask her to cut it were that what she was planning on doing.

In her talk of hair length, she refers “like this,” indicating she wants me to turn and face her, so I do. She takes my eyeliner pencil cap off (though where she got it from is beyond me), places my chin in her palm and begins to apply eyeliner to my right eyelid. At that point it seems as though she is quite confidently going to give me a “makeover” as though she is some kind of authority on the subject. I feel awkward, but somewhat proud. I glance over at Chris, who has also entered the central room. He appears unimpressed.

With that, a woman sitting on a couch adjacent to us frantically begins asking for help, as her makeup experiment has suddenly gone awry. Rachel rushes over to assist her, and for some reason, I leave the establishment.

Outside, I wait for Rachel, though I’m not sure why. I explain to some guy about the scene that had just taken place while we walk down what looks to be a relative of Yellowstone Boulevard. Rachel eventually catches up to us, and in that same moment I realize she was holding my eyeliner back at the inn and it was still likely inside. She cheerily states she’ll go back and retrieve it, but I follow, only I am slower than she and she is already ahead of me.

I return to the “inn” shortly thereafter and she is nowhere to be found. A barmaid/innkeeper type woman is cleaning up in the exact location we had recently departed. She mentions I’m probably looking for the “TooLowToHearWhatSheIsSaying” but I explain, as I find both the pencil and the cover, that I am only there for my eyeliner, which yes, could have been purchased for pennies elsewhere.

Curious as to where Rachel had wandered off to, I head back outside. Upon my departure, a man with whom I am evidently acquainted “oh, hi!”s me. I return the salutation, but explain that that someone is waiting for me outside or I would stay and chat.

I immediately spot Rachel and hurry over. I convey that I had found what we had both gone to seek. She happily acknowledges our triumph and we begin walking down the street.

After a short journey we enter a shop as though we are on a mission. There are two old men sitting next to a table containing a type of pastry–perhaps rugala. We determinedly head for the set of stairs in the back of the establishment and exit to a series of alleys. After setting off down one of them, I turn behind me to find the source of some commotion we can both hear, but Rachel comments that they are high school kids and we should proceed forward. I reply that we’ll just have to go through the ghetto then, bound down some stairs, and following, Rachel laughs. I duck out of the alley and land on a city street. Faintly, I recall a memory in which Chris and I had traveled this path before and found it to be the incorrect way. I verbalize this thought and Rachel agrees to try to find the right one. We turn back to the shop. As we re-enter, the two men attempt to engage us in friendly conversation, noting how quickly we have returned, but we politely decline. I state to Rachel that if I recall correctly, there is a different staircase that we need to take out of the shop, but that Chris knows for certain. I begin to search rooms, but realize Rachel is not with me. I call out to her, several times, and she replies that she is talking with the shopkeeper, but headed in my direction. She joins me in the room in which I am standing and leans against a wide door frame, while I sit on the floor, defeated.

What she says next immediately confuses me. I can’t recall exactly what her words are, but it is clearly acting. A puzzled expression crosses my face. With that, Chris enters the room and begins speaking aloud to himself as though preparing for a game later, which is what I assume he is doing. It is also the first time I notice character/game pieces on a table in the center of the room. Understanding that Rachel wants to lure me into a role-playing game, I turn back to her and in an accent of some kind, exclaim in response to her question, “but we don’t even know where we are!” Chris’s attention turns to us, and I immediately ask him where the stairs that we are looking for are located. He answers without words by handing me a piece of construction paper with what looked like a message on it. Whether attuned to Chris’s, creating my own, or a combination of the two, I am instantly filled with pride once again, mostly because Rachel has swayed me into a game I honestly believe I will enjoy playing. I glance at the paper, which has the words “Basement for rent” written on it, with a description of the space available underneath it. I smile knowingly and thank him, placing the paper on yet another table in the room. “The basement,” I say to Rachel, and on a double-take, pick up the paper once again. “I think I’d better hold on to this as well,” I explain, “wouldn’t want someone to move in and block our access.” Rob Smith-Hoffman, out of nowhere, leans over to Chris and whispers, “she’s a smart one.” Chris smiles and I make my way to the basement staircase. Rob follows.

There are three people on the stairs, though I don’t know them. The first one is close to the top, and upon my arrival he “hits” me with a mock weapon. I “hit” back, and Rob notes the “damage” being done as well as comments on it. I lose comprehension at this point, but I don’t give up. I apparently “kill” my attacker through a parry and a kick, though I’ve no idea how. The two other people are towards the bottom of the stairs and I stare at them, suddenly realizing I’m in combat, and this is not table-top. Slightly nervous I turn to my former attacker and ask what to do next. “How do you want to attack them?” he replies. I make the motion of jumping, arms up and over my head, superman style, at them. “Or can I not do something like ‘jump’?” I inquire. He tells me that I can if I really want to and explains what happens if I kill both of them from the blow, or just one, or if I miss completely. I ask another question or two, about cost of attacking, cost for different styles and the like. I turn back to the battle, but two security officers are standing just below me on the stairs. I look over at Rob. “Are these guys real? Or are they your guys?” He laughs and tells me that they’re actual security guards. I look back at them, half-laughing, not sure if I believe him. At this point I get the impression we are in a public place, blocking a staircase and shouldn’t be there.

I wake up.


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  1. Ryan

    I’m insulted that I didn’t appear in your dream. You know there isn’t a legal conflict. Make it happen!

    I think the best way to analyze a dream to to refrain from adding comments onto it. It will bias your reproduction of the event, skewing the actual memory.

    What made this dream particularly interesting to you?

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