prep work.

I have to go ask the neighbors if they care if I have a cat.

I have to go back to Lindenhurst and get her (if no one in the vicinity is allergic). And other things. The jugs of shampoo & conditioner, my printer, my stock of soap and trash bags, everything I might possibly need or want to have with me. Not that I can’t go back, but it’s inconvenient to. Though at that I have to chuckle. Theoretically, the inconvenience is getting up at 5am to get on a train at 6am to sit for an hour and forty minutes, to take classes forever away to do the same thing all over again to get back. But so long as the return > the investment, it’s worth it, right?

I’d like my desk. I just don’t know how to get it from my house to Queens.

I have to figure out how and when to go drop my car off in Stony Brook and take the train back. What does this week look like for me? If the cat is here, it doesn’t matter where I stay, but the gas to get back & forth every day would be too much. So do I do it on Friday? If we go away for the weekend anywhere, then that’s just wasting time we could be spending traveling to wherever. Do I do it Wednesday? If I do, then I have to pay for the train to/from SB on Friday. Do I drive out Tuesday morning (1st day of school) and start the process after Labor Day? I don’t know. I’m not as good at planning as I thought I was. Not to mention I’ve been training myself to be amenable to upheavals in plans. But the whole first day of school thing seems like the best plan.

I need my battery chargers. And shoes; oh, so many shoes. And cat litter. And cat food, which I haven’t even bought yet; she’s just about out of what she has.

That little magnet pad, so I can write down that we need milk & eggs and feel like I’ve made headway on actually getting them.

My files? So I can continue to be neurotic about paperwork? Candles, ’cause I likes them? Socks. More socks. Advil.

I think I will have to dig through drawers, closets, cabinets, shelves…just to feel like I have me with me.

I don’t think I’m leaving me behind, by any means. I do, however, feel like I’m just trying to incorporate myself into Chris’s world (and by ‘world,’ I mean ‘apartment,’ which in essence is kind of exactly what I’m doing).

In any event, tomorrow will be a long day of just about official moving…again, provided it’s okay with the neighbors that I bring Leslie back with me. I got my monthly LIRR ticket in the mail yesterday though, which makes this all the more real. 🙂


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