August ALREADY?!

Where oh where did the last…four days go? It appears as though that little problem I have of skipping the blogging when Chris and I are together needs to be remedied or this blog will quickly become extinct. In any event, he is here now and I am writing this next to him, so let this be step 1 in fixing the hardly-a-problem. See? Next to me. Playing Final Fantasy II.That game makes some seriously funny noises. Anyways, I’m still sitting in the same place on the couch as I have been basically since 10 this morning. I may have had a very sedentary day, but it was damn productive. I watch a movie, The Game, starring Michael Douglas & Sean Penn. I would describe it as…annoying, but good. Maybe a little overkilled as well. It’s one of those “the game is to figure out the game” things, but through the whole thing you never know if anyone is lying or if anything is real or fake and what is coincidence or what is intentional and it’s all just very…stressing. But it ended fairly well. I’m apparently a little sensitive, ’cause I actually let a tear escape.

Then again I got teary-eyed when I finished Barack Obama’s book today as well. Seriously, if that man is evil, then he’s fucking good at it. I’m totally voting for him. Throughout the entire book (The Audacity of Hope), all I could think was how he’s just…dreaming. How he has this beliefs and ideals and they’re so far removed from society and the government today, that he’s going to find himself one very disappointed politician. Then I got to the Epilogue. Where he basically said, “yeah. I’m a dreamer. But what’s the point in not trying?” Not in those words, obviously, but he made the point that if everyone gave up on ideals because they seemed far-fetched, we’d never make any real progress. And that, I believe in.

I did work for school, and homework for class (which included a nap because that text book is so boring), and I made some lunch and I cleaned up a bit. Like I said, I spent a vast majority of the day in one spot on the couch, alternating between sitting and laying. It was wild.

It appears as though I must do another recap for the past few days, though, so here goes (in reverse order than I usually do, because I’m just crazy like that):
Saturday: actually, this is best prefaced with a note from Friday. While driving home from Stony Brook circa 1am on Friday (Saturday), my check engine light came on. Calmly, and completely unlike me, I figured, “okay, I’ll go tomorrow and get it looked at. I can get that oil change I’ve been avoiding for about 800 miles now as well.” So Saturday morning, likely still drunk from the beer & whiskey of the evening prior, I dragged myself out of bed around 9, showered, and zombied my way to the dealership’s service station in Oceanside. It was at least an hour wait to drop it off, so I went for a walk. With swollen feet (see Friday’s summary) I walked through the pain and kept going. I picked up coke/pepsi bottle caps and just basically wandered. I took a few pictures, this one included. I basically had to duck to get out of the way of this tree’s branches, and the flowers were so unique I had to try to capture them on film. Of course, the bud itself is too close for my camera to have focused on, so the leaves are quite clear, but the picture conveys enough of the point: Somewhere near 45 minutes after leaving the service shop I came to a coffee shop in Island Park and thought breakfast would be perfect, so I wandered inside. I had just ordered a mug of tea when I realized the extent of cash I had on me was a five dollar bill. I asked the kid behind the counter if they took credit, which he shook his head at in reply. He told me about the 7-11 down the block with an ATM. I ordered a $1.50 english muffin with butter instead. I enjoyed that shop immensely. Everyone seemed to know one another. The couple at a table behind me asked the boy behind the counter if he would come over next Saturday after work at the shop and help them set up for a beach party they were having that night.

It sparked all kinds of emotion within me. Perhaps it was all of the beachy novels I’ve read in my time, that revolved around a woman in a small town working at a small shop of sorts and finding love when she least expects it. Hey, I’m not proud that I’ve read them. I went through a phase, ok? Regardless, I felt like I needed to be part of a similar community. But my fear/anxiety when it comes to water and my ignorance when it comes to boats or surfing or any of those stereotypical beach activities prohibit me from feeling like I could ever make it there, or even manage slightly without feeling entirely outcast.

The internal back-and-forth proceeded for awhile. It was kind of a self-evaluation of sorts, a desire to know who I was and what defined me. I used to say I was defined by so many different things; little pieces of here-and-there that when combined together made me who I am. But that seems like such a cop-out. Like I can’t decide on one thing, so I’m allowing myself to just say “oh, I like all of those.” I’m still not sure which is right. And writing this has only made me think about it all over again. So in an attempt to get my mind out of emo-ville, I shall proceed with the events of my time away from blogger.

After I returned from the shop, which, by the way, charged me $55.00 to tell me the fuel cap coil was getting caught between the fuel cap and fuel tank and to “clear it and run an evap test,” I hung out with my mother for a bit. I made plans to grab some lunch with Alex, which we did at Applebee’s. Then we bopped over to King Kullen to do some minor grocery shopping. I went back to moms, loaded some stuff into my car to bring to Queens, and then came back here.

Chris & I attempted to go see The Dark Knight, which we have yet to, but the show we were going to sold out while we were on line and we didn’t want to rush through a dinner to make a show we bought tickets in advance to, so we vowed to go to a showing this week. I cannot believe I’ve yet to see this damn movie. It’s like the gods are working against me.

We dined at a little place on Austin St. called Bonfire, and I’m certain were I not heartburn-ridden, I would have devoured my sesame-ginger salmon salad. It was an overall enjoyable dinner and experience. However, within minutes of leaving the establishment, a flash of lightning and accompanying thunder brought us to the conclusion that we should swing back to the apartment and grab an umbrella before heading to Astoria just in case. With that, the rain began, and we took refuge under an awning until it wasn’t as heavy a downpour. The rain lasted all of ten minutes, and we made it home in time to change, grab an umbrella and head back to the train. We did not need the umbrella for the remainder of the evening.

Drinks at McGinty’s was fun. It was great to see Vinny again, back from Kazakhstan for a few weeks. I wish I had gotten to talk with him more. I kind of hope I/we get another opportunity to hang out with him before he returns.

The gin & tonics were many. Someone thought it was funny to keep buying them for me just as I was about to finish the one in my hand. They succeeded in getting me to stay longer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much longer because I was wasted fairly quickly and stumbled out just after 2am. I was asleep a little over an hour later.

Friday was the longest workday I have ever worked at Suffolk Speech. I was there for nine and a half hours. There was too much to do, and too little time to do it. So who knows if they’ll pay me for it. They got mad last time I worked a few extra hours. I’m pretty sure this time around it’s okay, because it’s not an often occurrence. I’m up to 25 hours this week, but if possible, I’ll just work a few less next week.

Anyway, after work I grabbed some beer & fruit and went to Fabian’s for a cookout (I can’t call it a BBQ if Anne Cooper calls it a cookout!) in honor of Owen’s birthday. Owen couldn’t go, though, due to a death in the family of a friend. But I met a bunch of Stony Brook U. people and we had a good time and good food and a lot of fun. The glass of whiskey iced the cake. It was refreshing and enjoyable to sit around with chicks drinking whiskey, talking girl talk.

The mosquito bites, though, I could have done without. I sprayed every inch of my body with whatever Off! product was around. Ever inch save for the side/bottom of my feet. I wound up with two semi-swollen feet by the end of the night. One got me on the top of the sole of my right foot, the other on the side by my pinky toe on my left food. It was wholly unpleasant to walk around on. Especially on Saturday, when I did a significant amount of walking.

I certainly couldn’t spend very much time in it, but Fabian & Meagan have this hammock, which I have dubbed “the cocoon.” I got lost in that thing while Dan took pictures.I thought I was perfectly fine to drive home, but looking back I’m not entirely certain it was a good idea. I don’t often tempt fate like that (anymore), so I’m grateful as usual that I got back to Lindenhurst safely. I was asleep shortly after . Apparently, I’m not the drinker/partier I once was.

I have no photos and very little story for Thursday. That friend of Owen’s whose family member passed away was also a friend of Chris’s, so I joined him at the wake in Ossining Thursday evening. The morning was filled with nagging emo girl thoughts, which I washed away with an afternoon of Christine & Pinot Grigio, and the evening was spent traveling to and from Ossining and the wake.

Wednesday was so long ago, I barely remember it. I do recall Chris taking out his Warhammer models and arranging them on the shelf on the bottom of the table. I’m not sure he knows I even took this picture, but oh well. ๐Ÿ˜‰I’m fairly certain we relaxed on Wednesday. It was his first night “home” so we watched a movie (Jumper, which was okay, but nothing to write home about in my opinion) and then did respective stuff (like play with Warhammer models or read or putz around on the internets). I think we got into a mini-argument about the cat and my inability to immediately discuss when something bothers or upsets me, but it wasn’t too intense (know how I know? I didn’t cry!) and I believe ultimately some understanding actually took place. I have vowed, however, to try to dull my initial reaction emotions and try to focus more on logic. Seems I vow that a lot, though.

So now it’s just about 1am and, despite the napping, I’m getting a bit sleepy. So here’s to another super-long blog. The good news is Chris doesn’t have to sit on the phone listening to me say all of these things. The bad news is it took forever to write it all down. ๐Ÿ˜‰



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