I have GOT to stop napping.

No, really, I do. I only managed five hours of sleep last night, so today I couldn’t function without a) wanting to murder someone; or b) well, without getting some more shut-eye (or more accurately, slow-wave-sleep). So, naturally, when I got home, at 6:00pm, I went straight to sleep. Now I’m up, and it’s 1:00am, and I’m going to have to force myself to sleep as soon as I’m done with this.

ANYWAY, more importantly, I guess I never explained how the Lappy got its life back. I found my order form for the comp and the warranty and it is good until 2010. But the ‘limited’ part scared me, so I called to see what the deal was. I got transferred around until some very commonly monotone (but polite!) man script-read me that I needed to be in front of the computer because there is sometimes a hardware complication that can be checked by discussing it, apparently. I explained, using all of the patience I could muster after spending the day on the phone with ridiculously retarded insurance company representatives, that my problem was not, in fact, hardware. I told him, for the second time, that not only did I verify that it was the AC adapter that was malfunctioning by using someone else’s, but it would be impossible for me to turn the computer on while on the phone with him because it couldn’t charge. After Mr. Genius checked with his supervisor, they “made an exception” for me. The supervisor even needed to get on the phone with me after Mr. G. Why, I’m not sure. He did nothing other than verify everything I had already gone though…twice, at that point. However, anticipating a 2-3 day waiting period, I received the new adapter next day, and therefore rated Dell’s Customer Service highly upon receipt of yet another customer service survey. (I also did one at Jasmine, a restaurant at school, today. Pushy survey people.)

So that’s Lappy’s story. I was so thrilled to have ‘er back, I had to spend three hours belfing last night, hence the cranky sleep deprivation. It was a bad plan. I had a test today I wound up getting a 24.5/30 on (good for some; crappy for me). And I certainly could have used that time to study properly, but I didn’t, so it’s entirely my fault. I’m not overly saddened by the grade, I just know I could have done better had I applied myself. But I used there being “a lot going on” as an excuse in my head, so: bad! bad linda! I will start making an effort to do some extra credit as soon as things settle down in Queens (so, like, in a day or two). And I will certainly put in the study-time for the remaining two exams. Lowest gets dropped, remember.

I was bummed that I had to hang around school for an RA meeting, and I was supposed to find ACE and go for a bike ride, but Ryan wanted to get away (bad night + even less sleep than me = two cranky tired people, just lookin’ for a fix), and I suddenly had a sushi craving, so we took a quick ride up to Hoshi Sushi & Ralph’s Ices. Turns out Hoshi Sushi closes at 3pm, to reopen at 5pm. We got there? 2:55pm. ::headdesk:: So we waiting forever on line for Ryan to get an icy thing, then tried to get semi-okay-but-still-kinda-crappy sushi at the Wang Center on campus. They had it at the beginning of the summer, but lo and behold, not so much for the remainder of it. The sign said, basically, “no sushi for summer.” I’m sure it was worded more accurately. I’m being facetious.

Ironically enough, on our way back from the closed restaurant to campus, we heard this on XM:

I’ll never think of “Fwee Wii-ry” the same again. (Scroll to around 3:15 if you don’t want to listen to the entire Japanese food portion.)

So the remainder of my day was much less eventful. Did yet more “to-do” things after my nap: downloaded a shit-ton of new (old) podcasts, packed a LOT of apartment stuff to bring tomorrow, as I won’t be back home ’till Friday, and then read for almost two hours for Wednesday’s class. And the surprising part: that was only about half of the reading.

Chris’s flight got delayed (and by delayed I mean canceled and re-scheduled), though, so now I will have a good seven hours in Queens without him, and my plan is basically to read what I didn’t get done tonight, do some RA data entry work, and bike ride in the city for the first time ever. No sidewalks! I have to remember that rule (law?). I learned it at Tom’s house the other night, and I was entirely unaware of it.

And now, before I try to count myself to sleep, I will take the unnecessarily long time to post a picture or two for each day that I’ve missed photos for. I’m actually pretty sure there’s one day I didn’t even take a picture, but I’ll try to work around that, or, failing that, just not put one in. Oh yeah, and Sean? Is there a way to get the picture to immediately post somewhere else in the blog? Or maybe an easier way to maneuver it around? I can’t fathom that the pick-up and drag, pick-up and drag, pick-up and drag method is the easiest way to add photos. Any advice?

Here’s emocat. I was originally going for “laptop as pillow,” but she saw me take the camera out, and preferred to do the emo “lookaway” ’cause she’s fucking emocat.

Thank you and good night! (Yeah, I’m a rock star.)



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4 responses to “I have GOT to stop napping.

  1. Sean

    No, I get the same issue with adding photos myself. The best solution I’ve found is adding all the photos first, and then adding text in between them. Not that I remember to do that ever, but it does work sort of.

  2. Ryan

    Me + your blog = greatness

    Blogs might be the Root of All Evil. Patton Oswalt is kicking ass on the show.

    Oh em ge, we were sooo crabby that day. I bet you missed me today since we didn’t have class. Actually, I bet it was sweet release.

  3. linda

    I think….I think you meant ‘relief.’

  4. Ryan

    No, I meant release

    deal with it

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