Chris returns! …eventually.

I’ve been so excited all day. From packing my car with the things I’d collected yesterday, to waiting patiently to leave work (longest day ever) to all of the events this evening, I am dying to see the love of my life again. His flight was delayed (at least it wasn’t canceled), so he’ll be home…just no telling when.

But the day was very interesting, despite my impatience through it:

As soon as I left work I got a call from Rachel telling me that a friend of their’s father passed away yesterday. Hopefully I won’t have to relay the sad news as I know Chris turned his phone on. So I just hope he got the message Rachel left him.

I unpacked when I got to the apartment, and wandered over to the supermarket to grab some foodstuffs. Everyone was so friendly! I compiled carts with a fellow shopper, the cashier told me to “fuck it” regarding some raviolis. Turns out the bag I brought to checkout was opened, so when I went to grab a second one, I grabbed mini ravioli instead of the large ones. Confusion at the counter? Nah, fuck it!

I logged onto someone’s network when I got back (after putting things away, of course), had a bowl of cereal, and almost immediately fell asleep. I woke up when the neighbors starting thumping around though, and decided to bike ride instead of nap. I went the only place I knew how to get to/wanted to go: Joana’s. I called her as I was just about to her apartment, but she didn’t answer. As I was texting her instead to find out where she was, I all but passed her standing at the bus stop. She was on her way to meet Chao for dinner, and we decided to walk back together. So we picked up bottle caps and caught up on the past week and then I met her other bff, Chao. He lives, literally, five minutes from here. Two via bicycle.

While we walked, she kept her bag on my other handlebar (my helmet occupied the first), and despite the fact that I checked to see that it was okay often, it wasn’t. I got a picture text as I walked in the door to the apartment. ‘Twas a little ripped. She seemed to handle it well, but I know I would’ve been a tad aggravated about that.

I also had a missed call, and it turns out it was my teacher, Sue. Before calling her back I figured I’d check my email, and class is canceled tomorrow because Sue doesn’t feel well. I called her back and left a message, but she never returned it. We’ll all find out what happened come Monday. Long class that day, though. Yech.

So I neglected reading for class, but instead watched a few episodes of Scrubs and did some RA work. When I was just about finished with that, I saw it. It scurried towards the middle of the room, but receded back near the radiator. I figured it retreated for good. I was wrong. Next I looked up it was headed under the couch. I began my freak-out then. I was fairly certain a very daring cockroach was defying the light and challenging me to a showdown. I went for flip-flops, but I accidentally kicked into my sneakers and it came crawling out of one of them. And that’s when I called my mother. Calming me down, she had me trap it under a pot, but not before I watched it crawl through the foyer into the kitchen, down the cabinets and back into the foyer. ::shiver:: Now, it does laps in the dark under a pot until Chris gets here and…and… does something. I’m just happy I don’t have to play chicken with a GINORMOUS insect anymore tonight. Good god, I was ready to get in the car and head back to Long Island. My mom says if it’s a cockroach, all of the apartments should be fumigated because there’s likely an infestation. I say bring the cat over and let her work her magic. Though even I’m not sure she’d be willing to take on something a decent portion of her size.

So now it’s 11:35pm, and Chris hopes to be home around midnight. I’ve candles lit, wine chilling, and pizza getting cold from a few hours ago. I haven’t touched either the wine or the pizza as I’m waiting for him. I sure hope he’s willing to humor me. I’m hungry, and I could sure use a glass of that wine after my time with Willie the Cockroach!


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  1. shady0308

    it’s in the shape of a heart! how could i possibly be mad at that? lol

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