Oh Em Jee, I am the worst daily blogger EVAR.

First off, I just used the non-existent word “belf” as a verb. Belf: v. the action of playing blood elf characters on World of Warcraft. … then again, if belfs exist outside of WoW, then this would also apply to them, so I suppose the specific game title needn’t be included. Ah, well. So be it.

Secondly, since I am the fucking queen of not-blogging, I will offer a half-assed explanation as to why. With Chris gone, I vowed to “occupy my mind” by having plans just about the entire time he’s away. As I have followed through every day save for Wednesday, and every day since I’ve either a) not had access to the interwebs (stayed in Forest Hills last night) or b) got home just tipsy enough and just late enough to get no farther than checking gmail before passing out — computer-open, light-on, entirely unprepared for bed. Like I said, I know that’s a lame excuse, but it’s an excuse nonetheless, ain’t it?

Okay, so let’s do the usual recapping thing.

Wednesday (7/23): Work. School. Nap. Movie. Internets. Bed. Alex & I were supposed to grab some drinks at Doc’s, but she had a crappy day and wanted to postpone. We rescheduled for Friday. I was exhausted from getting home late from Florida, then getting home late from the Yankee game the next day, so the night off was welcomed. I watched The Nines, and really liked it. I probably played some Scrabulous and/or read a little as well. Lazy eve. (Sadly, no picture that day.)

Thursday (7/24): Ahh, a day off. “To-do” list-wise, I cleaned up my clothes, went to the bank, and wrote my paper for school, which took a little longer than expected. I then picked up a six-pack of Yuengling and headed to Tom’s for some quality Wii-time. This picture is of his enormous cat, Misty. We Mario Karted and Wii Sportsed (my newfound verbs are so fun!), then Rock Banded. A lot. I was there four or five hours, easily. His step-brother Justin came to rock out with us, so I played drums while Tom sang, which was hilarious, by the way. His step-dad bought us all pasta for dinner, so I stuck around a bit for some yummy penne a la vodka. However, that made me late for the guest bartending event Brian Bivona posted on Facebook. I told James I would meet him there. It was a) a night out, and b) a chance to hang out with James so I wouldn’t have to hear about how bad of a friend I was for not hanging out more often. ::eye twitch:: What is that boy going to do when the semester starts? Anyway, he thought I had lied and said I was working late which is why I couldn’t go until 9:00 at night. I think he was just mad that I was a half an hour late, because I’m not dumb enough to lie about working on a day I have off every week in the summer. Really, if I were going to lie it would at least be an almost feasible one.

So the bar thing was awkward. I had a few (more) beers, and thankfully Matt & Banach & some guy I didn’t know showed up. But they went off to smoke cigarettes entirely too often for it not to remain awkward. It’s clearly evident there can be little to no drinking when James is present. I’m just not comfortable with it, and I don’t really know how many times I have to tell him I like and respect my relationship and I am not interested in one with him as well. Or in lieu of. Or whatever he thinks he can get. Honestly, I don’t know what this guy thinks, but it’s neurotic however it works.

Needless to say, I went home awkward-free because I refused to let his “OMGISTHISADATE?DOIKISSHER?” interfere with my happy life. So I gave a hug, discussed a BBQ he might stop by next week, said good bye, and drove off. I passed out (computer-open, lights-on) shortly after getting home.

Friday (7/25): Work, as per the usual. But with all the time I’d taken off, I was there a little later than I wanted to be, finishing up. I got home sometime after 4pm and did more “to do” list stuffs: painted my nails/toenails, packed a bag to bring to Chris’s new apartment. I likely squeezed a nap in. I met Alex at 8 at Doc Lee Lau’s and we had LITs and Volcanoes and Blue Hawaiians before calling it a night, drink wise. I also got some dinner there, and might I say it was the best chicken w. cashew nuts I’ve had since…well, Tang’s.

We definitely met some fun people. Walter, Liz and John. Walter is a 68-year old, turquoise-suit-wearing, new dancer. We talked about life goals, and school and marriage and weddings and his dance lessons and the buffet at the Carriage House that Alex and I have vowed to attend. Liz and John came a bit later, and they may have been drunk, but they were personable and fun. Fica showed up as well (didn’t know him before that night), and he was also a very nice, social guy. He had to run off to pick up food from elsewhere for his woman, though, so he was only around a short while. This, by the way, is the awesome “Doc.”

After Doc’s we went for ice cream and barely scraped by getting into Marble Slab by roughly four minutes. They let us in, though, and even allowed me to use their very clean bathroom. Marble Slab > Baskin Robbins. OMG SO MUCH. We sat on the curb and talked some more, but it quickly turned to midnight so we parted ways.

Saturday (7/26): Moving Day! I got a gchat message from Rachel early in the morning, so I decided to get a jump on the day ’round 8:30. I was on the road to Forest Hills by 9. I took some pictures of the empty apartment, and then Tim & Rachel showed up and we cleaned and unloaded the car. The movers arrived shortly thereafter and they took about an hour to do their thing. We set some stuff up, like furniture in the living room and such. Tim unpacked his room, but I imagine it was due to the sheer easiness with the very few things he actually moved. Rachel cleaned her heart out, which I am quite grateful for. Not that I would have gone as far as she, but I didn’t really have to clean much at all.

Living Room, before and after:

We all went out for lunch and had Latino at a place called Cabana. A beer and some lunch was exactly what was needed, although it made me kinda sleepy after the fact. Tim and Rachel left shortly thereafter and I showered and put some sheets on Chris’s bed. Then I sat down to write Chris a note, which turned into a full-fledged letter. But all the same, it’s good stuff. I met up with Mike and we went food shopping and then had some dinner at his apartment. Chris called while I was there, and I gave him the run-down that he was moved but would have a little unpacking work cut out for him, and talked a little more about my time in Florida and how things were going. He then went on about his trip and how amazing and awesome it was and just how alive he felt, and I’m really glad he got so much out of it. They’re out of the wilderness, so I’ll likely be hearing from him again tonight and potentially tomorrow as well. After that though, I’ll see him on Tuesday. I decided it would just be easier to go there Tuesday night & Wednesday night (staying until Friday morning, as I have no work on Thursday and I would like to see Vinny during the day that day), rather than have him go to-and-from my house. It’ll be cute, like playing house (apartment?) for a week. I haven’t mentioned it to him yet, because it’s far enough away that I don’t have to, but I’d like for him to come out by me on Friday though, so we can go to Owen’s birthday “cookout” Friday night. Then he goes up to Ossining Saturday morning for a 2-day D&D thing. I’m going to stay here, which is so very weird. Aside from while he’s been away, we haven’t not spent a weekend together since…that time it snowed so bad he just couldn’t get down here. But I’ve Alex’s BBQ on Saturday, and the movies with Amy on Sunday, and I’ll be back in Forest Hills either Monday or Tuesday, so whatever. This might actually resemble a standard relationship at some point. I…I’m floored. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, Mike & I headed to Sissy McGinty’s for Ian’s birthday, which was fun. I do miss seeing very many of those people, and hope I get the chance to more often when I start “living” in Queens. I’d like to see Christine most of all, though. What’s amazing is that I know she feels exactly the same way about me. And I won’t publicly explain why, because I just don’t need to.

I stayed until around 3, and was quite fortunate in getting a train immediately after descending to the platform. I was “home” and asleep by 4.

Sunday (7/27): I got up somewhere after 10 and did a couple of things around the apartment before heading out. I had to bail on the matinee with Amy though because I was still in Queens when she called and wasn’t going to be able to get home in time to go that early. We scheduled for later in the day, but she called shortly before leaving to cancel because her 13-year old dog was terrified of the thunderstorms and no one else was home to take care of her. So we rescheduled for next Sunday and I took a nap. We lost power for a few hours, but it didn’t bother me much because I was obviously asleep for most of it. I tried to capture rain on film, because it was just torrential, but that’s just one’a those things cameras suck at.

When I woke up I studied a bit for my test tomorrow, which is a little tough. It’s “only” sleep class, but the hardest material is this stuff–the bio stuff. What affects what kind of sleep and what organs are responsible for them…yikes! I’ll study again at work and then just before the test, so I’ll do okay, but I might not get the 100% Sue is expecting from me.

I also tried to make some kind of tuna casserole thing today, but I cheated and failed somewhat. It wound up being tuna, string beans, mushrooms and parmesan cheese mixed into pasta. It’s a little on the dry side. It’s edible though, and that’s all that counts…for now…until I try to make something for other people.

And for now, I’m going to go “belf” with Mike for a little while. I was hoping while I wrote this Chris would call, but he’s obviously busy and I don’t blame him for being caught up in Colorado stuffs. I’m definitely going to start adding pictures to these blogs, because I have so many, but not tonight. Probably tomorrow. I put it on my “to do” list. :o)



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2 responses to “Oh Em Jee, I am the worst daily blogger EVAR.

  1. c ellis

    WAH to you, too. Optimism is the weapon of the down-and-out. Don’t ever forget it. πŸ˜‰

  2. Sean

    Good to see someone else hooked on Rock Band. If you ever get access to the 360 version, let us know, we can rock out online with you.

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