Florida Day 3 recap

My new(er) Dell’s AC adapter bit the big one, so I can’t use that computer at all until I get a new one. Hopefully, it’ll be covered under the 3-year warranty I had purchased with the machine. Until then, pictureless, short blogs, which can be expanded and photoized (a new word I just made up) later.

My last day in FL was awesome. We went to the beach and saw a dolphin and laid out and swam and I filled my 22 oz. Blue Moon bottle with Florida sand. Then we had lunch at an awesome little place that had the best burger. I am always on the hunt for a good blackened/cajun burger, and this place had it. Topped with provolone and bacon — ohmigod I’d go back just for that. I had more Blue Moon, ’cause I can’t seem to get enough of that stuff, and then went back to Meagan’s to pack.

I’m shocked at my ears on the flight home. They didn’t hurt…at all. Bizarro. The view of the sunset was absolutely spectacular. I wrote some on the plane, but literally hand-wrote, so I may or may not transcribe to here later.

Joana and I went out for dessert and coffee after I got back, and I was out in Queens until just after midnight. I got home ’round one, unpacked, and went straight to sleep.

(More info & pictures to come when I get the new lappy chargeable.)


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