Back Home (a/k/a Day 3 of no contact)

I haven’t spoken to Chris since Saturday night (hence “Day 3 of no contact”) and I’m holding up nicely, I feel. I’ve been crazy busy though, with no real time to stop & think.

Today was a shit-ton of work, followed by a race home and mad dash to the LIRR, which too two hours to get from Lindenhust to Penn Station. TWO. HOURS. Jo & I made it to the Yankee game just shy of 8, but with enough time to see the Twins get ahead and the Yanks crush them, have beers, a hot dog, some cracker jacks and a good time. Don’t even get me started on the DILF. Yes, it’s what it sounds like. Oh, and here’s Jeter’s ass:

I made the train home by about…45 seconds, and had a interesting conversation with a family on the A train. Part of me will like being in the city again, and thankfully that’ll be the part that bops around the city. The Long Island in me gets to continue to commute (not so sure I trust the LIRR as much though, these days).

So I’ve been home about an hour and all I’ve done is read a few emails and fight with my AC adapter and look for my warranty info (which is non-existent; I only have a packing slip that says “3 year limited warranty” — I hate the word ‘limited’). The good news is that the paper I thought I would have to be writing right now…is due on Friday. I love having a teacher that’s not-so-punctual. It’s really helped me out thus far. I will no longer abuse it, soon as I catch up between tomorrow & Thursday.

And now, it is almost 2 and I need to be up at 8, so this is good night for now.

(But I do miss Chris a lot.)


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  1. Sean

    Please tell me it’s not DILF: Dog I’d Like to…

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