Florida Day 2

Meagan had to work today, so the initial plan was that I would be left the car and she would go in with Blanton. When I awoke, though, that was not how it had panned out. There was a note for me to call when I got up so I could be picked up. That’s not really what I had been looking to do, so I just didn’t call. I decided to read some of my homework on the porch instead. But about an hour later I got a text from Meg telling me to call whenever I wanted. I explained back, in text as well, that I was really just looking to cruise around until I found something worth going to, but without the car I would just wait until she got back. Oddly enough, I meant every word, and I wasn’t the usual Linda-upset that things didn’t go specifically as according to plan. It may have been some sort of itty bitty step for me, but I was proud. I opted to hang out on the porch with Apryl for a bit (see picture upon posting), but then went inside when it seemed like she wanted to.

There I read a little more and fell asleep a few pages in. I had a dream that Raab had hacked into my computer but I later found out that it was just Sean, and I had given him the passwords (silly me, huh?). I went back to reading, but failed again as a second nap prevailed. I finally forced myself up somewhere near 2 and did work for Sue. I entered a decent amount of surveys before realizing I’d need to write my blog from last night soon if I also wanted to shower and be ready by 5, which I managed. I tried to chat with ‘Stine and Mike in the interim, but I’m fairly certain ‘Stine didn’t want to hear my schpiel on love surveys and Mike couldn’t chat via text. I managed to neglect Ryan too because I was trying to accomplish so many other things at the same time.

Anyway, Meg got home at 5 and I drank a beer and we hung out for a short while before heading to downtown St. Augustine. It was quite the adorable little town when we got there, though. I took a few pictures and we went to a few shops. I bought two tank tops that were too small (but will stretch if I remove the seam) and two long skirts and a pair of earrings and a cheap ring (that needs some nail polish on it to be wearable). Then we had an awesome dinner at A1A Ale Works. I had two mojitos, a cup of the curry chicken & vegetable soup, we split some wings, and a Cobb Salad and a glass of Pinot Gris (as per Joe it is not called Pinot Grigio unless it is from Italy). Meg had two Bacardi & diet cokes, some wings and a southwest chicken salad and a glass of the same. We talked…about any and everything. The past, love, boys, school, work, life, friends, etc. It was a very good time. We stopped at a convenience store on the way home because Meg wanted smokes, but I stumbled upon a 22oz. of Blue Moon, which made me feel classy-trashy as I drank it out of a bag in Meg’s car. It began as a joke: “want a big beer for the car?” “haha, no….wait, is that BLUE MOON?!” Meg got a Corona and we scoured for a bottle opener. I found an 89-cent thingy somewhere; Meg found a six-dollar ice scooper one. We went for the 89-cents-er, but had to talk her down from buying the hilarious one.

We decided to stop and finish our beers at a “spot” near her house, but on the way a cop turned around and followed us, which was a little creepy. I began finagling beer stories. I covered my beer, put it in my door storage, and claimed the Corona in the console was mine. Meg wanted me to toss it out the window, but I thought that too risky with a cop so close behind us. He made the next left with us, and when we made the following right, he made a left and we sighed heavily with relief. The break at the little lake she calls her “spot” was the perfect thing we needed after that. As it turns out, there were about 90% more cops out tonight than every other night. Weird for a random Sunday evening.

When we got back to her house, I had been almost done with my beer, so Meg opened a Stella and chatted with me for another hour or so. We went outside so she could have another cigarette (by the way, her smoking is something I was completely unaware of until this trip) and then we parted ways for bed.

It was an exceptionally good night, and I’m so very happy to be here. I wish I wasn’t leaving tomorrow, but any longer would likely be overkill anyway. Tomorrow’s plan is sleep in, then go to the beach (if there’s time stop at the pool), clean up and head to the airport. I’m sad and happy at the same time, but it’s totally cool.

Megan said something tonight about being able to live with me. Joana has said the same thing. Thing is, I get along about the same with both of them, but with no one else. So I guess that makes Meg one of my bestest, even if we only talk every few months and see each other every other year. Even if that is the case, it’s pretty cool to be able to “pick up” where we left off with someone without a second thought.


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