Florida Day 1 (in a nutshell)

got up ’round 10, had breakfast and watched the news with Meggie.

went to the pool at Blanton’s place sometime near 11:30 and alternated between laying out and “dipping” for about an hour or so, at which point some of the guys from the office and Blanton came home and the drinking began. Dipping and laying out continued another about another hour and a half. The places that I applied sunblock to (mind you, it’s SPF FIFTEEN), did not get any color. My back and upper thighs…did. I look unbalanced and silly.

We then headed to “the club” which is actually the Club at Hammock Beach, who Meg, Blanton, and basically everyone else I met works for. They are a very upscale resort, with a fire pit, golfing, adult and kiddie pools, hot tubs, a lazy river, a water slide, and condos. Awesome, gorgeous condos. It is an “oceanfront community.” In any event, I drank a pina colada in the pool, went down the water slide twice and took away the chill in the hot tub before the clouds threatened rain.

We had no sooner left the resort when the skies opened with big fat raindrops. The plan was to hit Matanzas Innlet Restaurant for dinner to enjoy the gorgeous view. I’d been told not to go there for the food. But the rain prohibited the scenic view and we ate there anyway, as a group with Meagan and Blanton, Todd and his guests Joe and Chelsea, Lance and Kim and eventually Chad, who didn’t come to eat, but hang out. I had some delicious blackened tilapia. Really, the food was awesome and I would easily go there again for both the food and the scenery, which we got to see some of. After we ate, the sky had cleared up so we went out back and took a few pictures. I will post them as well when I have the time to.
Addendum: pictures take forever to upload & move, so here’s one:

From Matanzas we went to Sunset Grill for birthday drinks for two of “everyone’s” friends, Cameron and … dammit I forgot who the other person was, but I’m certain I wished them both a happy birthday. I finally got my Blue Moons in, three of ’em, but I was too far removed from previous drinks for them to make any significant difference. We left around 11:30pm and I was asleep by 1. Odd for me; it must have been a long day. I don’t know how I’m going to break the nap habit!

I also managed to get my borrowed $20 back from Todd, which is an interesting story all on its own, but alas I cannot go into detail at this time. I am in dire need of a shower and will be heading to St. Augustine for a walk through downtown and dinner with Meagan in a mere hour.

Before I run off, though, I talked to Chris for a little while last night, and it was our last conversation for seven days. He said he got my “bookmark” and that he took a picture of it, which made me happy (it was a little piece of paper I wrote “I ❀ you! (and I miss you!) -Linda" on). He talked about interesting people he met on the train, how much less nervous he is now, how I should definitely hear from him Saturday night, but if not by Sunday night, to worry. That was not so reassuring, but I'm sure he'll be fine. As will I. (I have to keep reminding myself that.) No matter how many plans I've made and how many people I will see, there will still be a part of me that misses him, and is sad, and there just isn't a way to turn that off. But it's okay, because it's not abnormal. And I'm still glad we have this time apart.

I don’t miss home just yet (it’s only been a day and a half!), but I think I would if I moved down here, something I toss around in my head for prospective grad school locales. Two years is a long time though, so I imagine I needn’t think about this just yet.

Off to hit the shower (and it’s nice to have my own room and bathroom as well, by the way)!


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