I was wrong. TODAY was the worst traffic I’ve ever been in.

Day .5. I took 10 pictures at the friggin’ train station. I cried when the train pulled away from the station. I. Am. Pathetic.

Chris said he’d call me tonight, but I completely understand why he didn’t. I miss him already, but I’ll be fine.

Anyway, today was basically Chris packing, me off doing my own thing (scrabble, bike-riding), then hanging out for an hour or so together, then driving him to the train station. Afterward, I came home, had a bloody mary, dinner with mom, did some work and then cleaned my room and packed and drank my pretty little head off.

But yes, the traffic was horrendous. Two hours and fifteen minutes for an hour trip. /wrists. (I know you’ll like that one, Ry.)

I’ll refrain from schpieling the same shit I started to give Ryan about a cross between hot and dorky. I apologize for giving him shit to begin with.

I’m tired now; it’s just after 1am. I’m packed and ready to go. Tomorrow I will head from work to Joana’s and travel solo again, something I enjoyed but forgot how to do. I will be sad. But there will be bloody marys. And I don’t care how bad that sounds; I will rely on them. They are my flying beverage.

Twelve days will disappear before I even know it. And if I don’t get a single phone call, I promise not to be mad. ‘Cause absence does make the heart grow fonder, and I appreciate Chris moreso now than yesterday.

Im’a use his Blackberry though while he’s away.

Here’s him, all dolled up:

I can not believe how much love I have for this man. He’d never know it.


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