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“WTF?” you ask? I couldn’t think of anything to call this blog. Maybe I should’ve waited until it was written to decide, but instead I looked for help. It wasn’t what I was expecting, so I just took that dude’s advice and went with the title that had the most popular potential.

Anyway, it’s around that time I do this blogging thing, which is also known as “too late” so I will try to keep this to a minimum (read: lose complete track of time).

I created today’s post this morning to remind myself to write about a few things, but I now realize I should have “saved as draft” instead of publishing, this way when I actually publish, it will be at the proper time. Ah, well, I learned something new today.

Actually, I leaned a lot of stuff today. Sleep stuff (for class) and love stuff (like people’s opinions, which HIPAA does not allow me to disclose) and things about me.

First, though, I went to work feeling like garbage. I hadn’t napped the day before and last night I only managed 5-5 1/2 hours or so of sleep, which is no longer okay with my body. Coupled with allergies, I was quiet, removed from the rest of the world, with a heavy head and heavy eyes and a desire only for sleeping. I tried not to let it get to me, though, and for the most part, I succeeded. I may have been a little short with one or two people on the phone. I tried to attribute it to them, but I have a feeling I set the tone wayyy more often than I am aware. I also had to pull Pat out of a negative place when someone called & hung up twice in a row and she vowed, “one more time…” Not that she would’ve done anything, but she was all riled up about it. I had to explain that just a week ago I tried calling one of my doctors with my Bluetooth headset, but it was half dead and the mic wasn’t working. So they picked up and couldn’t hear me and hung up. When I tried again, it was the same thing. I suggested it could just be a simple circumstantial issue and that she shouldn’t get upset about it. She “oh, all right”ed me, but I could tell she just didn’t want to hear it. I don’t care; I felt better having said it; even moreso having thought it.

I went to Lowe’s after work to fix the key they screwed up yesterday for the Queens apartment. (This picture was taken at a light at Hallock Road and Rt. 347. I was gazing while waiting for the light to change, and was amazed by just how puffy the clouds looked. So I snapped a photo.) [I have a difficult time calling it Chris’s apartment, so I usually use the article “the” instead of “his” “our” “my” etc. It depends on who I’m talking to though, honestly. To Chris, it’s usually “the” and sometimes “your.” To people I’m not incredibly close to, it’s “the” most often. And to those I’m all gushy about it with, it’s “ours” and sometimes “my” with the notion that “my” refers to “our.” I have issues. o_O] Anyway, their policy is to refund the bad key and have me get another one made, which is what I did. Interestingly, young buff Italian guy in hardware remembered me from yesterday. What’s funny is all I could remember thinking of him was, “ugh. so…stereotypical Long Island.” :p I went to self-checkout my one item and after paying for it I accidentally moved my hand over the scanner while trying to take off the back to the key and put it on my keyring. So it scanned it. And I needed an associate to come rescue me from double-charging myself. It happened to be the creepy guy that refunded my $1.60 when I got to the store. I embarrassingly explained the situation, but he looked at me as though people do this all the time and he couldn’t understand why I was embarrassed, and maybe…just maybe I had two heads. I left.

I got home and crashed like my body craved. I promised myself I would bike when I got up (and I did!), but I just needed rest. So I must have slept for the usually 1.5-2 hours and then forced myself up by 7:00. I did go on a bike ride, but it was counter-productive: I went to taco bell and had some nachos and a spicy chicken burrito. However, that was my “meal of the day.” Other food items included a pop tart and some sun chips. So I hopefully didn’t go over the 2K max calories for the day what with all the cheese and spicy sauce and whathaveyou. Quite unlikely.

When I came back home it felt as though my stomach was upset, but I think I was just super-dehydrated. I need to look up the symptoms of dehydration; I think they would be good to know. And would you look at that: it’s own website! Anyways, I watered up and got to work. I entered 50 student surveys into an excel spreadsheet in an hour. But I wasn’t sure about some of the coding, so I emailed the researcher (a/k/a my teacher) and asked what it should be. When she got back to me, I changed the ones I had coded incorrectly and did another 25 entries for another half hour of work. There’s only 330 surveys in total, and at least fifty of them were done already, so that will be the end of my work-at-home work. 😦 I wish I worked slower; I really do.

In between work sessions and after I was done with it, I read the material for tomorrow’s class. Interesting sleep stuff. Theta and alpha and beta waves, and EOGs and EEGs and lions and tigers and bears. I’m interested to see a human subject in REM sleep, but my only potential subject is Chris, and I’d actually have to be awake when he were in REM. This, I fear, would be difficult. Semi-relatedly, Joana and I were talking the other day, and I have to warm up to the idea of going to bed, like, two hours earlier than him. Granted, I haven’t lived with many people, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone to bed at a different time than Rob. I recall making him stay up with me to watch Robot Chicken at midnight and then getting mad when his head would roll back and his eyes would close. I laugh now, but man was I fucking crazy. Poor guy.

I ended this fine evening by packing a few things to wear on Thursday so I can head to Ossining immediately following school tomorrow. It still hasn’t hit me that in less than 48 hours Chris is getting on a train that will take him away and keep him away for twelve days. Yes, I’m doing tons of stuff to keep myself busy while he’s gone, including moving things around the apartment with Tim & Rachel, but I am going to miss him terribly. I was actually wandering around my room tonight looking for a “token” of me to give him for his trip. Then I thought, “what if he doesn’t want one?” and stopped looking. It’s not like I’m bringing a Chris memento to Florida this weekend, so why would he be bringing a Linda one to Colorado? Sometimes the romantic in me is exceeded by the logic. Good thing, too, or I would actually be sad about that.

I also chopped veggies.

Broccoli was so one of them. My mom asked me to earlier and I gave her the “uh, busy!” response. But once I wasn’t, I had no excuse, so I did it. Two full large containers of squash, zucchini, red peppers, broccoli and cauliflower. Wish I were gonna be around to eat all that yummy stuffs. I’ll steal some on Thursday & Friday at the very least. πŸ™‚

And that brings me to now. I am again, tired, and going to allow Mr. Obama to charm me to sleep via The Audacity of Hope.

The “thoughts” I had this morning that I wanted to roll with are on the following, but as I had a day full o’stuffs to write about, I will leave my little list here and hopefully touch on those things soon enough.
– writing language
– sleepiness/napping vs. mood/attitude
– mom
– counter-balancing moods


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