a day (or several) late and a dollar (or several) short.

this weekend is excused! I was in Albany both Friday and Saturday nights, and then Ossining until 1:30am last night. The down side to my not writing is that I am not as eager to discuss things of days past. Maybe that’s the sleepy talking. I didn’t get around to this blog until now (12:21am) and I neglected to nap today (unless nodding off on the highway and during scrabble games counts). So, obviously, my eyes and brain and body are going “just stop already!” Fighting it is not fun.

Briefly, though, ’cause I’ll forget if I don’t remind myself:

Friday: drive up to Albany. Hibachi (yum & fun!). Card games & beer at Tanner’s house. I did not play, but I got the gist of the game watching. By the second game I was too tired to make sense let alone play. However, I think I’d enjoy that game were I able to comprehend the card combinations fast enough. I’d have to play it with a large group of patient people. I’m not sure where to find them.

Saturday: Jared & Lisa’s wedding party/picnic. Decent food. Decent beers. Lots of people. Too many wedding photos. A pool for the swimmings. Yummy cake, cupcakes, brownies. Fireworks. A brief period of antisocial Linda (too many people for too long I attribute it to. This only child needs some group therapy, methinks). Then Wall-E in a group of 6 (myself, Chris, Sean, Erin, Adam & Steve). Cuuuute movie. Not the hype I’d made it out to be in my head due to multiple reviews from friends, but still cute. That one was on Juliette (gift card from my birthday). Back to Tanner’s for sleepies.

ADDENDUM: I can not believe I forgot this part. Camp Rising Sun. Best explained in Sean’s Blog. Creepy. Stuff.

Sunday: breakfast with the group. 14 of us at a diner-w00t. Went to Dick’s afterward to get Chris some hiking boots/shoes last minute (he leaves Thursday… /sadcry). Linda got cranky waiting. Drove back to Ossining with Steve. Linda remained cranky (and anxious) until a nap was made possible. Immediately following nap Linda was A-OK. Got back to Chris’s and napped for three hours. Woke up, Chris played WoW, Linda messed around on her computer for a few hours, made up dinner plates of Chinese food, pondered the location of her Sleep Class textbook. Then Chris & Linda cleaned out some of Chris’s stuff and packed a box for the big relocation to Forest Hills.

(When did I start talking about myself in the third person? It’s very inconsistent.)

Also, I found the Sleep text that night when I got home. Where was it, you ask? On. My. Bookshelf. That is seriously the last place I would think I would put it, just because I was going to need it so soon. How the crap was I supposed to know what the binding looked like! Ah, well, there it was, and here it is:Monday (today!): Worked 9-1. Went to class at 1:30–I still think I’m going to like this one. Turns out Danielle is in it. Danielle was in my Cognition class in the Spring. It was surprising to receive a text message that said “turn around,” when I got to class and sat down. Class was just an intro, really; then I had a break before the RA meeting. I learned how to do data entry. ::laugh:: It’s mostly funny because I used to do data entry as an occupation. I’m shooting to get a credit for it, but I think that means I have to enroll in the “class.” I need to find out this information. I got keys to the apartment made after the meeting, one of which did not work when I got there to try them out. So I will be taking a trip to Lowe’s tomorrow to fight to have a new key made for freez0rs. My Joana met me at the apartment, loved it, loved even more that I would be living in it soon enough, like, full-time, and then we walked around (got me some food and some starbucks, but she was having dinner made for her) so I could learn the ways of Forest Hills. I was home by 9. For the next four hours I apparently did nothing but read emails, play scrabble, talk to Christine, and certify myself through some website to be an RA. I would have liked to started “working” tonight (I brought the info home for the data entering), but Ryan neglected to send me the spreadsheet & key, so I couldn’t. I imagine it’s his way of sabotaging my work so that I can’t get enough done to get the other half of work he wouldn’t let me have. SO GODDAMN FRUSTRATING.

Anyway, today was good on the whole. I feel like I did a lot and I still had time for the relaxing. And I get more and more excited about Queens every time I go there. I’d like to try to start the “monthly train ticket” experiment come September, when school starts, but first I need to get my schedule ok’ed through work (pending; email was sent today) and confirm with the John boys that we’re cool with that. I’m still not sure how I’m going to get over using the bathroom, by the way. I say that in jest, but I swear I mean it too.

I meant to take pictures of the empty apartment, but completely forgot. I think I managed ONE on my phone, so if I do actually have it, I will upload it and add it to this post when I add the others (one per day, I swear), which is just not right now. I’m tired, and it’s almost 1am, and I have to be up by 8 and I’m soooo not used to not napping. The good news is that I will probably have some time tomorrow for the napz0rs. Also, I need to stop adding “z0rs” to the end of words. It’s annoying.

Good night. Sorry for any incoherent rambling. You can’t imagine how tired I am. Really. ::passout::


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