right turn only

what a day, what a day! ’twas busy, but not bad. not bad at all.

I realize now that I’d no real reason to go to school today. Basically, I wasted 50 miles of gas. Y’see, it was the last day of class, and all that was going on was the third exam. I did not have to take this exam as my grades thus far have been 23.5/25 and 24/25, and my teacher only counts the best two out of three. However, because I neglected to take care of it over the course of the past six weeks, and didn’t think I could use my next class’ paper to meet the requirement, I needed to hand it a form I didn’t have and had to obtain today in order to get “upper division writing requirement” credit for my final paper. So I went, and when I got to the parking lot on the edge of campus and proceeded to take the bike out of the trunk, pffthbt!, the back tire was mushy. Surprisingly, and much to my liking, I handled it well. I got back in the car, drove to the closer lot and walked to grab breakfast and study at the SAC (Student Activities Center) before running into a girl from class and having her accompany me on my errand and then to the classroom.

I’d like to point out here, as Chris has noticed and I have been too dense to figure out, we at Stony Brook University have buildings called the “Wang Center” and the “SAC.” That is all.

I realized that I hadn’t needed to go to class when my teacher told me she was surprised to see me there. I’m not sure I did better than my other two tests on this one, so it was likely not worth it, but oh well; what’s been is done.

After class, as I had time, I walked back to my car (stopping to take a fe
w photos along the way–1) fishes, 2) fishes, pond reflection, lilypads, 3) pretty flowers, 4) bath time), and headed to the bike shop where I dropped Rocky off. I’ve just named my bike Rocky. I don’t know why. I went home and finished my paper for class and submitted it, along with the Curriculum Vitae my teacher asked the class to create for themselves and then emailed her back about becoming an RA (research assistant, not resident assistant). I might do some research over the summer and apply it towards when I join the RA staff in the Spring. My schedule won’t allow for the work in the Fall.

I think I managed to get a 30-minute nap in before heading to the wonderful “woman” doctor. I didn’t even need the Rx for more BC, but apparently they give it out free with every pap smear. They were still out of samples. I was still saddened by that fact.
I was in that office a total of an hour and a half. I am so absolutely spoiled by my former therapist and gynecologist’s offices and my work office. They run…get this…on time. However, in this case, I sat in the waiting room for a little over a half an hour, then in an office for a little over a half an hour, then I was seen for ten minutes and it was over. Lame. I felt bad for the bike dude, though. He called at a quarter to five to tell me Rocky was ready and to get there by six. I had to explain that I had no control over when I was able to leave my doctor’s office, but I would do my best to get there on time.

The good news is it only cost $16 to fix. It was a punctured tube. I had a big nail or screw or something in my tire. How it got there, I’ve no idea. I certainly don’t ride around any industrial areas. But I guess I ride around Lindenhurst, and that’s just about the same. Heh. The bad news is that it was $16. And I had just paid $25 for a doctor visit and $25 the week before for an audiologist visit. Eh, I’m going to have to pull money from savings anyway to hang in FL for three days next weekend, so what’s the difference?

Oh my lord, I just realized I’m going to take my computer to Florida. This is
the first time I have not even questioned that decision. I…I’m scared. Hold me.

Sorry, that was earth-shattering for me. Anyways. I got home from running around pretty late (say, 6-ish) and I had some cheese & crackers for dinner, caught up on my scrabble games and read a few articles posted from the workdaylist until I fell asleep yet again. I was awakened by my phone ’round 7:30; Chris called to talk about the apartment he almost has save for a credit check. I was caught off guard and my brain wasn’t fully functioning, so we had a short and confusing conversation. I plan on explaining why I was “being difficult” next time I talk to him. I feel like such a tool for not saying something at the time. Sleep f’s me up, apparently.

So having been just about stood up by James, who I planned on getting coffee and a slurpee with (slurpee for me, coffee for him), I decided to show up at/near his house and text him, so as not to be a complete crazy stalker woman. It worked. I jumped on Rocky (hotttt) and headed to mid-Lindy. I honestly thought I was going to have to chase his car all the way to my house when I saw him get in and head off. Apparently, he took “I’m at your corner” to mean I was on my way home. Weirdo. [James, if you’re reading this like you said you were likely going to, Hi! ::wave::]
I dropped Rocky off in his yard and we walked to le 7-11, got our beverages, and continued to walk around. The new section of Fireman’s Park was closed, much to my dismay (I’ve been trying to see it since it was completed a few months ago–I found out it’s a 9/11 memorial as well), but I took pictures of the lake and some duckies instead, which seems to be a theme to today’s shots.

It was dark when we got back to his house, so I took off, slightly hesitant to ride in the dark, but handled it just fine. Being a ten-minute bike ride, it wasn’t so scary.

I haven’t done much since, save for take more scrabble turns and write this blog. I also looked into LIRR fare/schedules from Forest Hills to Stony Brook, and though the cost would be cheaper than the gas ultimately, the schedule itself sucks ass. I’d have to get up just after 5am some mornings to take the hour and forty-five minute train ride to make my 8:20am class. I’m not sure I’m okay with that. I’d also have to make certain trains as they run every hour and half. And I’d have to figure out how to get to/from work, like on rainy days or snowy days when biking isn’t really an option. And it’s just not worth it to get a monthly train pass and drive now & again. So I guess those are out.

As this blog is entirely too long as it is, I just wanted to ramble-type about something that was on my mind earlier today. First, negativity. I wonder if being around negative people is a poor influence on my subconscious. I mean, I’m not always around negative people, but one of my closest friends is super-negative and I find it difficult to always try to cheer him up. If this is the case, is therapist the right profession for me? I’d have to know I’m strong enough and actually be strong enough not to let other people’s shit get me down. I imagine it’s likely my emotional investment in him that makes it more difficult, but I can’t say for certain.

Secondly: low aspirations, lack of hope, needing drastic change (a/k/a “running away”) — what is it about these things that makes them so hard to see and get past? I mean, maybe I think I’m not-so-negative because in comparison to George*, I’m not. And I’m worried about him. He feels like Murphy is following him and because Theresa* wants to date the sleazebag she’s dating and not him, he’s worthless and that he needs to make some sort of drastic change in order to potentially find happiness. He also wants to do it to be able to say he did, which, IMO, is a dumb reason. But that’s just my opinion, and not everyone would agree with that, obviously. I just…don’t want to be there when he’s disappointed that at the end of the rainbow is nothing but no more rainbow. At the same time I want to be there, because I don’t know that he can handle that on his own. Hell, maybe he’s stronger than that. I sure hope he is.

Well, now it’s late (I breaked for a Chris call), and I need to pack for the weekend and do my nails (’cause I’m still a little girly). I hope I didn’t bore any readers to tears. If I did, though, send me the tears.

Oh! Despite the plethora of photos from the day, I just have to include this one. Inspiration for the title of this blog:

Americans is so smarte.

OOH! This just in: I got a 25/25 on the test today. worth the trip, hoorays!
Aaaaand, I take that back; Ryan is a liar and I got a 24/25. Still good!

*Names have been changed. Just ’cause.


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