losing hope is easy

No, I’m not being uber-pessimistic. I’m just quoting a Jack Johnson song. And now, I feel its time to tell the story I neglected to about a week ago.

A close friend of mine…what’d I name her, Mary? sure, Mary…Mary met a guy. A guy that makes her feel like no other. Mind you, she’s semi-dating some other guy, but they’re not very serious and they don’t particularly have a future. But this guy is some kind of hopeless romantic. A John Cusack, mix-tape making, fucking Rico Suave. Good for her you’d think, right? Think again. Mr. Suave just happens to be eight years deep in a relationship and one year deep in an engagement. He also happens to be smitten by Mary.

Oh, Mr. O’Leary how you haunt me to this day. You see, a mere seven or so years ago, Mr. O’Leary stepped into my life. My warning upon meeting him? “Careful. He’s got a girlfriend.” The result of the charade: three years of hard-core mistressing. You know what that got me? A shitload of heartbreak and a ton of tears. Not to mention trust issues.

But my Mary. My darling, sweetheart precious Mary…she is going to fall into a trap. A bad bad, nasty, painful trap. Yes, I suppose it is her mistake to make, but god dammit if I can’t prohibit the people I care most about from making the same ridiculously stupid mistakes I made. Eh, I guess it’s like having kids, right? You can only try to guide them, you can’t force them one way or the other, no many how many stupid mistakes you try to help them avoid.

*sigh* Nothin’ I can do but try to be supportive, I s’pose. It’s just hard to condone something I disagree with completely. Nevermind my own insecurities.

ANYway, I’d like to share a portion of what has kept me awake until at the very least 11pm two nights in a row. Though I couldn’t manage to get my window open wide enough to get a picture of the actual work being done, I opted to photograph the huge mountain of fucking wood outside my house. Apparently, my neighbors are having night work done to their yard. I don’t know if rates are cheaper from 6-11pm or something, but these guys have been sawing and hammering and loud-noising for two days now. Here’s what they’ve compiled thus far:Other than that interesting bit of my day, the remainder was boring. I worked. I studied. I ate fish and veggies cooked by mom. I watched a movie. I talked to Chris. I played Scrabble. Man, am I exciting!

Hey, I like it.

Looking forward to the weekend as part of it will be spent in Albany. I like those guys. A lot. πŸ™‚


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