better late than never

I almost forgot to write today, but I guess it was, as I called it, quite a bi-polar day, so what can I say if I wanted to forget it? It was a fairly uninteresting day, although my teacher brought in chips and cookies and brownies (homemade) and we talked about grad school, which was utterly depressing. But I’m not going to think about that stuff or what might happen just yet, because I’ve plenty of time left at good ol’ SBU before begging people to let me learn at their institution(s). I’m kind of hoping my life experience catches someone’s eye. I only wish in all my years with high real estate rollers, someone would know someone that was a dean of a college or something. *shakes fist* damn you, corporate America!

After school I got my ass kicked at work.

After work, I took a nap.

After my nap, I called Chris and we talked/fought/discussed some stuff that needed to be said. It was productive, but pretty redundant, and I can’t quite figure out why the same things keep coming up as problems (to me). He’s not the only one annoyed by it. I keep hoping each time will be “it” and things will run fairly smoothly. Unfortunately, the longest I think I’ve managed to go without a “problem” is a few weeks. 😦 Hey. No point in being pessimistic about it; this time could very well be it. I am quite lucky to have a patient boyfriend.

After the call I avoided writing my paper for a few hours by talking to Joana (and Liz) online. My teacher caught me online as well, so I got to ask a few questions about my paper anyway. I eventually got down to it though, and finished the damn thing. So basically tomorrow I have to study for my last test, Thursday I can re-read & edit the paper and then send it in and as of Thursday evening my class will be completely over. But no worries, the next one will start on Monday. *shrug*

I’ve spent the hour since finishing the paper talking to a few people on AIM and getting access to some Arrested Development (w00t!)

I have no picture for the day, /sadcry, so I will offer something that amuses me in its stead: one of those magic eye things. I think it’s called a stereogram. I’m also not going to tell you what it’s of, but if you’re smart and you still don’t see it, you can figure it out anyway.



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2 responses to “better late than never

  1. Sean

    Arrested Development (all of it) is available on hulu (direct link: I’m midway through the second season. The quality is good enough that I can pipe the output to my 32inch tv and not get any pixelation issues. Infrequent ads, like 2 per ep.

  2. Ryan

    I’m glad to help with your A.D. problem. I’ll have to try to get new copies of the series up there. Some episodes have some pops in ’em and I’m not down with that.

    Don’t worry, champ, things always get better. Just give it time πŸ™‚

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