it’s been a long day, always, ain’t that right?

Thank you, Rob Thomas, for allowing me not to think too hard for a blog title today. The good news: I’m writing two consecutive days in a row. The bad news: I’ve little to say.

Worked 9-2. It went…exceptionally smoothly. Anyone I asked for something, they said “sure, no problem,” and did it. It was nice not to have to complain about how ridiculously retarded some people are.

Got home ’round 3:15. Read a few emails only to fully realize Chris & my apartment hunting is actually Chris’s apartment hunting. It’s something I knew but hoped wouldn’t actually be the case. Whatever, it is, and I’ve opted to go numb in the face of it. I can only be thankful he was at least attempting to find a place semi-accommodative to my desires. Every once in a while I toss around the idea of looking some places up and trying to book appointments, but really this isn’t about me, and it’s best I just leave it alone.

I bike rode out the frustration over the situation, to Blockbuster to return Juno. I found a few coke caps. O glorious day. I decided to snap this photo while I was out, because it reminded me of the first Chris. The one I think might be named Chris Barton, but then again probably isn’t. Mom and I call him Chris Carni, because that’s what he was. The carni that I lost my virginity to and wanted to get married when I was 18. I wonder what life would be like if I went ahead with all of that marriage and babies thing.

Anyway, for everyone’s information, “never date a ride guy.” Chris wasn’t a ride guy. I wonder whatever happened to him. Anyway, here is what a carnival looks like four days before it’s set to “open.”

I got home, napped, then had some pretzels, cheese & crackers and raw cauliflower and carrots for dinner. Then I worked on my paper due at the end of the week. Then I cleaned up some things around my room.

Now, I write this. Following this, I will read some news and likely pass out in the process.

Just as well, I’m not all that ‘uppity’ today anyway. My paper would refer to it as ‘extroverted.’

More tomorrow (I hope). Now that is sure to be a real “long day.”

1am Addendum: deleted because I probably already fucked up, and doing so even more would just make it worse.

P.S. Sean? How do I change the time on this website to reflect the actual time I write these damn blogs? Any ideas?


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One response to “it’s been a long day, always, ain’t that right?

  1. Sean

    Dashboard->Settings->Formatting->Time Zone. I think it defaults to Pacific, just switch it to Eastern

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