Or, rather, catch-up. I was so tired last night I couldn’t post a second blog for the “day” and I feel as though I may have begun to fail at this picture-a-day thing. However, all hope is not lost. I am back, and I can continue. Unfortunately, it’s 1:30 in the morning now, a time I was hoping would be earlier, but mundane tasks took entirely too long. Seems as though my entire day has been themed as such. I spent extra time at work (a very long, grueling 8.5 hours, which I am no longer used to as a full day) and got home too late for anything really productive. I read some for school and did little things like clean up my room and check my schedule for next semester to see if I could be an RA, but overall? I feel kinda like I just woke up for the day.

Mind you, today was a late day. I am extremely thankful for Joana’s text message as it woke me up…25 minutes late. I luckily was only 10 minutes late to work, which no one was around to notice, and I stayed an extra 15 minutes after I “clocked out” to morally make up for it without displaying my late start time. But I didn’t get to shower (ew!) and after the long workday, I was shot.

An interesting thing happened today. Not to me, but to a friend of mine, who I am calling Maria for the sake of protecting those that would not be thrilled to have their lives discussed in a public Linda-blog. I’d like to sit here and type the story and how I feel about it (which is really the reason I’m even mentioning it), but it’s late, and I’ve class at 9, and I will certainly still want to discuss this on the morrow. So, be teased, and come back to read wtf got me so riled up.

Oh, and also? Yesterday & today pictures. First, of the Throggs Neck Bridge, which I have never seen on a Tuesday morning (for yesterday). And second, my cat. Because she puked (again) today and ate the ends of the ribbon on my dad’s belated Father’s Day gift. She was obviously not on my good list today. Unfortunately, my day was so uneventful she’s also the only thing worth taking a picture of.

Ciao for now. (P.S. — added pictures to my last post!)



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2 responses to “ketchup

  1. Sean

    Three tomatoes are walking down the street, papa tomato, mama tomato, and baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. The papa tomato gets really angry, goes back and squishes him, says: “Ketchup!”

    -I was watching Pulp Fiction tonight.

  2. linda

    I love that joke! It likely inspired the title of the entry.

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