I don’t give up (blogs) quite that quickly…

Just because I took a four-day hiatus does not mean I’m done after a mere three days. It means I was tied up (ahem, ahem) with other things. For one, spent Friday afternoon at the Mets v. Yankees makeup game (yes, the one they got totally slaughtered at). Interesting things that happened: 1) a squirrel found its way onto the field, ran through the outfield and proceeded to freak out in attempting to find its way out via the warning track; 2) The guy shown here hopped onto the field and made it about that far before getting tackled by the NYPD at full-speed. They then piled on top of him to arrest him. I particularly like this picture because the person clapping has “trapped” Justin Christian between their hands. Despite the score and the price of the tickets (Chris shelled out; I’m still feeling guilty), it was a fun time, and we stayed ’til the [absolute] bitter end.

Following the game, we rushed around to get to Overlook Beach to see Big Shot play, as this would be my third year there. Definitely a Long Island thing though, this Billy Joel cover band. Hey, it’s a good time, and really I just prefer to hang out at the beach on warm summer nights with good people while what is ostensibly (*wink*) Billy Joel blares from beyond. It’s nice to see some people I don’t often get the chance to. Namely, (L to R) Steve, Billy, Megan, Rena & Tom. Dan & Amy were MIA at that point, but they returned shortly therafter. The whole event cost me a soda at 7-11 (to add to the rum I already have a gigundo bottle of in my house) and gas to & from. Of course, Chris & I had to stop at a diner on the way home for coffee and a shared meal, but I think I’m going to steer us away from those things (like the 1am nachos & beer we had Saturday night). There’s a myriad of reasons to lay off the crappy food and the late-night snacking, so the new plan is to do just that. Not that I really want to lose any more weight, but whatever will be, will be.

Saturday consisted of good (but incredibly expensive) food in NYC and Eddie Izzard. *swoon* Obviously, there were late-night nachos and two-fers from Applebee’s following our train ride home. Two semi-busy but decent days. I had a lot of fun. Better late than never picture(s): Rain. Sunshine-infested beautiful rain.And of course, EI’s marquee, which is way more awesome than any picture I managed to almost get of him on stage.

Sunday was half of a wasted day (and by ‘wasted’ I mean slept away; not necessarily a poor use of time), a long walk around Lindenhurst/N. Amityville and a delicious BBQ at a former co-worker’s house. It ended a little late and a little poorly, but hey-maybe I needed to hear some of the things I did. I thoroughly enjoyed about 90% of my three-day weekend, and to be perfectly honest I’m okay with having a semi-crappy 10%. If it were perfect, I would be kind of worried.

The first half of Monday/yesterday was a blur; I hadn’t been able to get very much sleep Sunday night (partially due to the late Sunday, partially due to my worrisome brain meats), so I wandered through a majority of the day zombiesque. After work I trekked to Ossining, to nap in my car and then surprise Chris for his birthday. The plan? Run into him while he was jogging. The problem? He went easy on me when we did the jog together a few weeks ago, and cut it short. So his actual route was not what I had thought. So instead of running into him, I had to run after him. Just in case he turned a corner and I lost him and my plan was entirely ruined. So when he finally turned around to head back, he “ran into” a panting, dying Linda. But he seemed genuinely happy to see me, and that makes all the difference. We talked a little about Jared’s wedding reception and Sean & Erin‘s return to NY for the event and maybe going up to Albany to hang with them and catching Wall-E in a group. I’d like that, and I think he would too, so I hope it pans out. We had an awesome lazy evening and I came back to Long Island this morning.

That about catches me up. Today can be covered tonight, as nothing as really happened as of yet. Sadly, though, I don’t have any pictures from yesterday. Boo. Ah, it’s only one day, though. Plenty of time to start anew on the one-a-day resolution, yeah?


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  1. Sean

    Lucky! Eddie Izzard’s 3 SF tour dates are the last 3 days we’re in NYC. And it’s been about 8 years since I’ve been to a Yankees-Mets game.

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